The evil wife that the underworld matchmaker is marrying is too provocative.

The moment the figure appeared, all the remaining candles began to shake, and the room was cold in an instant. -- -- -- -- Digression -- -- Originally wanted to write a dish fairy, afraid of being scolded old-fashioned, heh heh 012 Grievance

The moment the figure appeared, all the remaining candles began to shake, and the room was cold in an instant. -- -- -- -- Digression -- -- Originally wanted to write a dish fairy, afraid of being scolded old-fashioned, heh heh 012 Grievance, Bai Shao Lin Li also found something wrong, the whole person began to shiver, just when Mo Xiaoye doubted whether she could stand up, she saw Lin Li get up very tough, when she got up, she had turned her head directly, looking in their direction, and out of the corner of her eye she didn't even dare to look back. The red shadow stood quietly behind Lin Li, staggering. Seeing Mo Xiaoye nodding slightly at her, Lin Li almost cried in her heart. Why did you let her save it! After the appearance of the female ghost in red, the temperature in the room began to drop rapidly. Lin Li walked back to the table step by step. The red shadow was also stiff. She followed her step by step from the dark until she slowly revealed the white and frosty face under her black hair. Mo Xiaoye did not reveal his own breath, the poor road is also very spiritual dormancy, Nie ran's soul eyes fell on Zhou Wei, mouth, mouth are spraying cold. As soon as it shook, Nie Ran's ghost appeared beside Zhou Wei in the next moment, blowing cold air into her ears. Zhou Wei. I'm so cold, do you know I'm so cold. Zhou Wei closed her eyes tightly, her whole body was trembling, her teeth were clucking, and then Nie Ran spoke again. Zhou Wei, you give me back my child. You give me back. This time, even Mo Xiaoye was shocked. Is Nie Ran pregnant? Without waiting for her to think again, Nie Ran's voice sounded again, and this time, it suddenly became mournful. Zhou Wei, do you know how painful I am. I'm in pain. The next moment,Nail machine manufacturer, Nie ran is suddenly raised hand, five fingers into grasp, black sharp nails is toward Zhou Wei straight stab past. Zhou Wei closed her eyes and screamed, but she still remembered Mo Xiaoye's words and remained motionless. Then she noticed that there was no more movement, and when she opened her eyes trembling, she suddenly froze. Lin Li and Xue Tong also couldn't believe that Mo Xiaoye grabbed Nie Ran and pressed her against the wall, then possessed Nie Ran and said something in his ear. Nie Ran wanted to struggle at first, but suddenly broke free. The next moment, he was hit against the wall again by Mo Xiaoye's hand. Then they saw Mo Xiaoye looking at Nie Ran with a smile, his eyes full of cold light. You have no choice but to answer me now, yes or no! Nie ran's ghost has not appeared before the fierce appearance, but the description is still terrible, she listened to Mo Xiaoye's words, the line of sight fell on Zhou Wei, is gnashing teeth. Zhou Wei, if you don't turn yourself in, I'll kill your whole family! Zhou Wei was so excited that her lips trembled and she could not say anything. I'll go out for a while, Coil nail machine ,Automatic nail machine, and you can clean up here. Mo Xiaoye explained, and then took Nie Ran's soul out of the door, leaving only the other three people frozen in place, a long time before they came to their senses. Mo Xiaoye and Nie Ran's soul went to the construction site together, Nie Ran died here, so the ghost only remembered here, but when she died, her soul was not conscious at all, so she did not know where her body was. Nie ran's face was full of hatred, but when he looked at Mo Xiaoye, his eyes were full of fear. After asking for a long time, her last memory was that she had a miscarriage and massive hemorrhage because of being gang-raped, and then lost consciousness. The blood in that place had already disappeared, and there was no way to find any clues, so Mo Xiaoye had to let Nie Ran's ghost go back first, waiting for the confessions of those hoodlums the next day. At daybreak, Zhou Wei turned herself in. With her identification, the hoodlums were soon arrested and interrogated. However, they only said from beginning to end that gang rape was a fact, but there was no murder. They were still breathing when they left. The confessions of several people were tested by lie detector, and the surveillance of those people when they left the school was also called out, and they did not carry any suspicious items. In order to rule out that several people buried the bodies in the school, the police turned the school upside down with police dogs. Still nothing. Nie ran can't get out of school, Mo Xiaoye knows that her body must still be in the school area, but they didn't find it. Also think of Nie ran every time when the belt that dense chill, Mo Xiaoye brain suddenly a excited spirit. From the accident to now, it is summer, if the body is rotten, the smell will be found. An idea is ready to come out. Mo Xiaoye thought that it was very likely that someone had hidden Nie Ran's body, and that it was hidden in such places as refrigerators or freezers, so that there was no smell of decay to attract people's attention, which would explain why she appeared with a biting cold every time. At this point, Mo Xiaoye hurriedly asked Nie Ran to search all the places with cold storage and large freezers in the school before dawn. But still nothing. One person and one ghost are all frowning. Suddenly, Nie Ran made a light sound next to him. Can you take me out of school? She died violently here, her body hasn't been found yet, and her soul can't get out of the school. Mo Xiaoye is a little strange: "What are you going to do?" Nie Ran hesitated for a long time before he finally spoke slowly: "I want to see Bai Shao again. He hasn't been to school recently. I miss him so much.." Mo Xiaoye was speechless, she thought Nie Ran would want to go home to see her parents! Get up and walk to the dormitory, Mo Xiaoyetou also does not reply lazily: "Yes, but, as an exchange, finally whether the murderer is found or not, I will send you to reincarnation, you don't want to leave with resentment!" Can find is good, but her purpose is to accumulate merit, as long as can send Nie Ran reincarnation, that how is also a merit. Nie ran Leng Leng, absently stood there for a long time, and finally slowly nodded: "good." Mo Xiaoye thought Nie ran was going to Bai Shao's home, but unexpectedly, after she managed to take Nie ran out of school, Nie ran was familiar with the way to heaven and earth-the famous gold selling cave in the capital. Looking at Nie Ran standing on the roadside, some people can not see,Nail machine supplier, straight from her body, she did not respond, Mo Xiaoye is speechless choking. Looks like she's been waiting here a lot. Then he shook his head and smiled bitterly.


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