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This New Year, Xia Mi is a little out of his mind. I'm looking forward to the end, but I'm afraid it's too early. On the morning of the first day of the Lunar New Year, Li Ling called her from abroad to pay New Year's greetings.

This New Year, Xia Mi is a little out of his mind. I'm looking forward to the end, but I'm afraid it's too early. On the morning of the first day of the Lunar New Year, Li Ling called her from abroad to pay New Year's greetings. She responded absentmindedly and wanted to ask about Qi Shaodu, but she held back. She saw that what Li Ling passed on in the circle of friends had nothing to do with his uncle. So the day before he came back, he said that he would let her be a guide, which made her feel that it was just a casual remark, and it was not accurate. Two days later, the Internet broke the news that "Jin Gui" had been finalized. The gimmick of the gossip couple in the past is very appetizing. The film side seized this point deliberately, and in the sad version of the trailer released later, it happened that the scenes of the two protagonists were shortened, and only some supporting roles were performed. In this case, young Ali has undoubtedly become the most striking person in the trailer! Although Xia Mi plays all the scenes without lines, when she appeared in the trailer, the film side was very scheming to match the narrative voice of the leading actress recalling the past. Her empathy and pure eyes have made many fans of the leading actor praise her. However, it was also pointed out that Xia Mi was too young too simple, playing a little innocent, and Ali's kind of appearance of the dark, the inner coquettish temperament does not match. The director is very dissatisfied with this statement. In the early morning of the night when the trailer was released, he made an implicit comment on Weibo: Everyone will change their personality because of the environment. It is normal for the role to show a contrast between a few years ago and a few years later. Personally,die casting parts, I think every actor performed very well this time. Including new people.. …… With the help of the director, there is more praise than criticism in the end. But Xia Mi still has a pain in his brain! There were so many voices that she really couldn't digest them for a while! However, a publicity photo of herself on the official blog, which has been forwarded tens of thousands of times, reminds her of the morning when Qi Shao put his clothes on himself. Summer Mi looked like it and set the photo download as the wallpaper of the mobile phone. Wait until the evening of the sixth day, Qi Shaodu there is still no movement. Xia Mi was a little sad and began to study the matter of going to Sanya after fifteen. This is what I expected at the beginning of last semester, and when I work formally in the future,Investment casting parts, I may not have the opportunity to travel like this. It's just that now, because of the paper, I can't go far as expected. But a good inch! After all the choices were made and the payment password was entered, someone called her just to confirm the purchase of the ticket. By the end of the day, her ticket was booked. Just from a plane ticket to Hainan to a train ticket to Wuyishan. . Yan Wei received Xia Mi at the railway station, and then sent her to the hotel room, and then they had lunch together at noon, Xia Mi did not see Qi Shaodu show up. Seeing that Xia Mi was absent-minded, Yan Yan asked, "Is the food not to your taste?" Summer Mi quickly waved his hand, "I grew up here, how can it not be to my taste?" Tiantian smiled and pretended not to care and asked casually, "Where is Arthur? Doesn't he eat?" “Arthur?” Yan was a little surprised. "Didn't he tell you?"? He won't be here until tomorrow night. "Oh, so it is." Xia Mi put on a careless look, metal stamping parts ,titanium machining parts, but he was a little disappointed. It seems that people regard her as a helper. Is it necessary to tell her specifically what day she will arrive? Obviously there's no need.. Hey. Yan Yan looked at her unhappy expression, raised his head and smiled, and said nothing more. . That afternoon, Xia Mi went to see her childhood friend. Before she left in the evening, people brought her a lot of specialties, such as tea, dried bamboo shoots and dried mushrooms. These were all rare things she had seen since she was a child, and she might not be able to buy such fresh ones outside, so she was very happy to accept them all. But when I think that Yan Yan is not familiar with people and places here, in order to meet himself in advance, he has less time to spend the New Year with his family. Summer Mi quite embarrassed, so go back on the way to plan, to the hotel must give some things to Yan. They stayed in the best hotel in the town. During the Spring Festival, many people visit relatives and friends and come to travel. The rooms are not too tight, but it is impossible to live next to each other. So, Xia Mi actually only knew that Yan Yan lived upstairs, but it was not clear which room. In order to show her sincerity, she wanted to send it up in person, so she sent a message to ask for the room number. Yan Yan was stunned for a moment when he saw Xia Mi's question. Looking back, someone who was so tired that he was half lying on the sofa because he had been on the road for two days and one night, wondered if the boss had told Xia Mi that he had arrived early? Little girl now can not help but want to come up to show concern, embarrassed to ask the original, so ask yourself? Well, it's quite possible. The tea delivery mentioned in it should be just an excuse, right? He thought so, secretly happy twice, and then, ah, happily typed Qi Shaodu's room number, and then clicked send, quietly out of the room. . Xia Mi took a bath, changed into his plush one-piece rabbit paper pajamas, and saw the four-digit number on the screen of his mobile phone, smiling at the corners of his mouth. She covered herself with a short coat, picked up the specialty she had separated in advance, and took the elevator upstairs. She knocked at the door of the room. But No one opened the door for half a day. Yan Wei will not sleep, right? She shouldn't have. She said she would come. Otherwise, just call and ask. But just as he was about to take out his cell phone, the door opened magically. Well, come in- "The bleary-eyed man, with his eyes half open and half closed, glanced at the faces of the people at the door and turned his back into the room.". Xia Mi did not move at all. Isn't this, isn't this, isn't this Yan Yan's room? That How could Qi Shaodu be inside? And didn't you say it would arrive tomorrow night?! "Cold,deep draw stamping, close the door quickly-" inside came a lazy but not beak voice, making Xia Mi even more difficult. She was going to drop her things and leave, and now. It's the wrong person. Why did she go into his room? I don't.. Arthur…… You Why are you here? She was a little confused and didn't know which question to ask first. I didn't get a response for a long time.


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