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Pei Donglai had never passed through any towns along the way, and it was reasonable to say that there would be a demon clan with a little Taoism within a hundred miles of the wilderness.

Pei Donglai had never passed through any towns along the way, and it was reasonable to say that there would be a demon clan with a little Taoism within a hundred miles of the wilderness. Even if it is as weak as dregs, it is also a demon clan. The strange thing at the moment is that Pei Donglai hasn't even found the breath of the demon clan. This thing is strange, is it difficult for Zheng Fengtu to return to the demon clan and reorganize the demon clan? Pei Donglai sat on the back of the golden-winged ROC, while driving the golden-winged ROC to fly, while secretly thinking in his heart. Although Pei Donglai conquered the Purple Emperor Shenmu and mastered the Purple Emperor Shenmu, he did not find any news about Zheng Fengtu in the Purple Emperor's Shenmu. After he subdued the Purple Emperor Shenmu, Qingxuan Zhenren and Xiao Chucai, together with Ruyuan, who had the same name as the demon emperor, had disappeared. Pei Donglai had some questions, but he could not find anyone to answer them. If so, we still have to look for some news about Zheng Fengtu. This matter is no small matter, if you get the help of Zheng Fengtu, it will be much easier. Thinking of this section, Pei Donglai recalled Zheng Fengtu's confrontation with the underground Demons at the gates of Yanzhou that day, and knew that Zheng Fengtu had fought with the underground Demons before. If there is Zheng Fengtu's help in the Taixue Palace, I dare not say anything else, but I can give Pei Dong some advice from people who have been there. Pei Donglai made these calculations in his mind, and the golden-winged ROC had flown away for tens of miles and was passing over a huge lake. Uh Skimming over the lake,car radiator cap, Pei Donglai suddenly noticed a little demon breath, which immediately attracted his attention. The breath of the demon clan was hidden very quickly, but it was still caught by Pei Donglai. His heart is confused, so after discovering the demon clan breath, do not wait for the heart to think carefully, it has been firmly locked in the spirit of this breath. No matter how the demon clan is hiding, as long as it is still in this world,alloy die casting, but three hundred miles away from Pei Donglai, it will be as clearly visible as in front of Pei Donglai. Come out Pei Donglai patted the golden-winged ROC on the back and stopped it. With a drink in his mouth, the noble righteousness of heaven and earth in his body obeyed the guidance of the spirit and rushed to the bottom of the water in an instant. The demon clan seemed to realize that the situation was not good, and had the intention of dodging three points, but somehow did not make the action of dodging. In Pei Donglai's soul exploration, the demon clan just shook its body for a while, then gave up all plans to escape, and made a look of being captured. Pei Donglai no matter what this demon clan in the heart in the end, Haoran righteousness to break the surface of the water, deep into the bottom of the water, all of a sudden will be the bottom of the monster wrapped a solid, tied a little gap left. As soon as the mind moved, Haoran Zhengqi broke through the water with the bound demon clan. Volume I Unparalleled Chapter 247 Chapter 247 Haoran Zhengqi Lock took the underwater demon clan and brought it out. When the demon clan left the water, a splash of water splashed on the lake and made a big wave. Pei Donglai fixed his eyes on it and saw that Haoran Zhengqi had locked a big red carp and hung it in midair. Carp scales are bright red, DIN screw plug ,die casting parts, the body is afraid to have a length of ten feet, like a boat in general. In such a lake, such a carp can already be regarded as a huge existence. When Pei Donglai saw the carp appear, he knew that heaven and earth were well locked. This red carp has such a huge body, it must be a successful demon clan. Seeing that the carp was out of the water and was breathing hard, he immediately asked, "I will let go of the ban on you first, and I will talk to you when you become a human being.". I just have something to ask you, and I'm not going to kill you. Do you understand? When the red carp heard Pei Donglai's words, he wagged his tail and motioned to Pei Donglai as if he had been granted amnesty. Pei Dong to see the big red carp to respond, this will be heaven and earth Haoran righteousness slowly received, put that a big red carp into the water. Anyway, he had already locked the Qi of the big red carp, but he was not afraid that the big red carp would flee. After the big red carp entered the water, it stopped at the bottom of the water, and when it reappeared, it looked like a woman. The woman, dressed in red, was so cool that she only covered her buttocks with a touch of snow, leaving her snow-white waist and long legs exposed to the air. The woman's knees were in the water, and she hung her head slightly, not daring to look Pei Donglai in the face. Cough.. See this situation, Pei Donglai heart can not help but a little embarrassed. Just now, the noble righteousness of heaven and earth tied up the woman's original body layer by layer. Although Pei Donglai did not really reach out to rub the woman's skin, it was not far from the same. However, although the woman was dressed in cool clothes, she did not let Pei Donglai move in her heart. At least he has been a man for two generations, and he can stand this dress. Red carp, I've seen.. Adult When the woman in red heard Pei Donglai's dry cough, she made a mistake and said hurriedly. Hmmm On weekdays, I saw those demon clans call Zheng Fengtu "adult", but today Pei Donglai was also honored as adult by the demon clan, which made him feel a little unaccustomed for a while. Red carp, let me ask you one thing. Pei Donglai settled his mind and asked. The red carp lowered its head a little more and did not make a sound. I just walked all the way, along the way did not see any trace of the demon clan, not to mention the slightest sense of the demon clan breath, do you know why this is? Ask red carp this, not all because Pei Donglai is curious in the heart, but he wants to know the trend in the demon clan, so as to find Zheng Fengtu, see if you can ask him to play a helper. Big "Your majesty is magnificent, and the ordinary demon clan naturally dare not show off in front of you." The red carp looked up quickly at Pei Donglai, then lowered his head and said timidly. This speech is an excuse in Pei Donglai's ears, which makes him feel a little unhappy. Pei Donglai frowned and said in a deep voice,metal stamping parts, "I didn't ask you the reason because I wanted to listen to these platitudes.". You can tell me what happened. "Even if you can't tell why other demons have disappeared, you can always tell yourself why you were in such a hurry to hide your figure." Pei Donglai was concerned about that matter in his heart, and his tone naturally became more severe.


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