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In a short moment, the basalt composed of thunder and lightning had hit the periphery of the blue area several times.

In a short moment, the basalt composed of thunder and lightning had hit the periphery of the blue area several times. All the thunder fish hit it and turned it into the most basic element of thunder, but it could not cause any fluctuation at all. In the scene in front of Jia Xing, he also knew that he would not forget to escape. He turned around and looked at the black knife ferociously. The black knife did not stop at all, the body rushed down, the breath poured into the hands of the bloody long knife, the whole long knife bright blood to drip general, into a lightning shot to the other side of the abdomen. At this time, the surrounding thunder elements have slowly formed the thunder fish, but they are dim, and there is no time to attack the black knife, while the huge basalt has not moved. In a short period of time, the black knife had reached its abdomen, and the blood-colored long knife drew a red light to split it mercilessly. This time, the black swordsman used all his strength. At the same time, a little bit of black light was attached to the blood-colored knife. Of course, that was the divine power. Xuanwu looked dull and did not seem to move. When the black knife came out, he found that a huge turtle claw had been smashed. The strength is exhausted, the black knife has no time to change the move, he also did not plan to change the move, this full strength one knife mercilessly split to that basalt tortoise claw. Xuanwu defense is strong, but this is only composed of thunder and lightning, this full force a knife down, should be about the same, so that the black knife has not reacted to fly back directly, a mouthful of blood spurted out in midair,Precision steel tubes, the other side was not injured, he did not know, but judged that the four sides are definitely much stronger than the original Thor Fen Shen, many. Xuanwu did not stop, his mouth opened, and all the electric fish flew rapidly into his mouth. Before the black knife stopped, the liquid-like thunder ball flew out of Xuanwu's mouth and shot rapidly. Is in the situation of being shot down, the black knife is too late to escape, with the mind,impact beam tubes, a series of three flashes of luster, three golden wolf bell in front of the body. Teachers don't accept waste! Demon emperor did not respond, but a faint sigh, the other earth people, especially the black knife brothers rushed up, but obviously too late. Thunder ball hit heavily on the body of the black knife, the black knife flew out, faster, like a meteor in general, the earth is exclaiming, but the demon emperor showed a faint smile. Mobile phone novel network anytime, anywhere to enjoy the fun of reading! Chapter 669 worship ceremony. "Granny, it's too much for the four sides to be more powerful than Thor's doppelganger!" This is the only idea before the black knife coma, at this time in front of his body, more than four broken body, yes, this is the four war, they are all thunder attribute, Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes ,beam impact tubes, the resistance to the same attribute is very strong, so offset most of the power, to protect the life of the black knife, as for the three layers of golden wolf bell, there is no slag left. Before the Black Knife brothers rushed in, the Demon Emperor waved his big hand, and everything, including Xuanwu, Black Knife and the dismembered bodies of those generals, flew into his big sleeve. The matter has been settled, and you will want to see it another day! With the sound, the body of the Demon Emperor disappeared directly, leaving behind a group of strong people on the earth. At this time, the other civilizations observed from the periphery found that everything had been restored, but it seemed that everything was over, one by one. The boss should not be in danger! The water of hope hesitated for a moment and said. It's so powerful that I'm afraid we don't need any other means to deal with us. Dongfang said with a wry smile that he could see clearly that the eldest black knife had made a full cut on the basalt's claws, but in the blink of an eye it had healed. Obviously, relying on the four sides of the thunder array, the four doppelgangers of Thor are not what they used to be. If it weren't for the so-called Demon Emperor, I wouldn't dare to imagine it later. Damn, that's awesome. I don't know how long after the black knife woke up, the exit is such a sentence. Only then did he notice the poor mountains and rivers around him, as if he had come to a mythological world, and there were huge monsters in the distance. Wake up! Faint voice, black knife a startled, hurriedly way: "Master!" The figure floating in the air shook his head and said, "Don't be too polite. I'm just a part of the Demon Emperor.". Your doppelganger, I have restored you to your original state. Floating in the air of the Demon Emperor Fen body big sleeve wave, the four battles will appear at the same time, at this time not only intact, the breath seems to be a lot stronger. Black knife exultation hurriedly put them into the ring, he can clearly remember that the four war will have been crushed to pieces, now can recover is absolutely a big surprise. According to your chance to go to the ground. Your so-called Summoning Beast is no worse than the life-saving Fen Shen refined by the Genius Earth Treasure. At present, only the Demon Emperor, the Immortal Emperor, and the Demon Emperor can practice this technique on the thirty-three layers of heaven in the entire immortal world. Now I will pass on your three magic techniques of Fen Shen, the Yin and Yang Substitute Technique. The art of heaven and earth, the art of escape from the five elements. "Thank you, Master!" The black knife was overjoyed on the surface, but in his heart he had already raised his vigilance. Depend on it, this cheap master even knew the name of his summoning beast. Then he probably knew what he called the world, which made him very frightened. But he did not know, even if the demon emperor, the immortal emperor, the demon emperor's original life. The highest realm is also nine, but these, the demon emperor did not intend to tell him at all. In any case, the black knife learned here, and soon, he knew that this magical mythological world was in the sleeve of the Demon Emperor's Shura Gankun. He could not help feeling that this cheap master was really powerful. At least at present, I feel that it is no less than my own status. By this time, the Demon Emperor himself had returned to the Eleventh Heaven of the Thirty-three Heavens, and issued an order that he would receive another disciple and hold a worship ceremony a month later. Such news immediately stirred up 33 days, and many people were speculating about who was so lucky. To become the disciple of the Demon Emperor, none of the present thirty-three masters of heaven and earth has ever accepted a disciple. They have many apprentices, but they are all brought before. Outside a month, the black knife has spent 30 years in the sleeve of the Shura Heaven and Earth. The Yin and Yang substitute has a little success. The Heaven and Earth wandering is far from wandering around the whole Heaven and Earth. It can only be regarded as a way to explore,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, but the Fen Shen can also wander around a certain area. As for the Five Elements Escape, even the margin has not been touched. Of course, the most important thing is that there is no genius treasure of the Five Elements to be a substitute.


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