Xiuzhen carries a super light brain with him.

Ye Qing's body quickly retreated, at the same time his palm turned over, two groups of five elements of divine light appeared in his hands, Ye Qing put a trace of lotus into the five elements of divine light, two groups of divine light immediately emitted a dazzling luster, such as t

Ye Qing's body quickly retreated, at the same time his palm turned over, two groups of five elements of divine light appeared in his hands, Ye Qing put a trace of lotus into the five elements of divine light, two groups of divine light immediately emitted a dazzling luster, such as the rotation of colored glass. Ye Qingmeng threw two groups of divine light into the silver palm, and his body rushed to the magnetic mountain without hesitation. When Ye Qing rushed up the magnetic mountain, a loud noise came from the rear. Ye Qing turned his head and saw that the real man was staring at him with an ugly face. There were two big pits in front of him. With a gloomy look on his face, he snorted coldly, "This mountain is full of magnetism. Even I dare not stay on it. You hide on the mountain just to die. How long can I see you stay?" Ye Qing looks motionless, a few ups and downs will fall halfway up the hill, the gravity on the hill is amazing, even Ye Qing's repair can not fly, can only jump with the body. Standing on the mountain, Ye Qing clapped his palm, and a palm print appeared on the mountain wall, but not a stone fell. Ye Qing is not surprised but happy, the stone on the magnetic mountain is really unusual, with his strength unexpectedly can not be broken. After pondering for a moment, Ye Qing's hand was suddenly wrapped in golden light, aiming at a raised stone and splitting it down. Poof, the stone fell and was caught in Ye Qing's hand. As soon as Ye Qing's palm turned over, the nine-treasure Linglong Pagoda, which had not come out for a long time, appeared in his hand, and Ye Qing threw the stone directly into the pagoda. Moments later, Ye Qing's face showed a happy look. As he thought, the magnetic mountain came from the same source as the stone used to refine the body of the Nine Treasures Linglong Pagoda. Although there was a difference in magnetic force, its hardness was even worse than that of the stone, and it was more suitable for refining magic weapons. But Ye Qing quickly frowned, this magnetic mountain is extremely large, and full of magnetic force, the weight does not know how many pounds, I am afraid it is difficult to use ordinary methods to remove, storage bags are of no use at all. After pondering for a moment, Ye Qing walked to the top of the mountain, where the young man sat cross-legged, the color of the glass shining with strange colors. Ye Qing stopped twenty feet away from the young man, turned over his palm, took out a suit of clothes from his storage bag and threw it to the young man. At the moment of seeing the clothes thrown by Ye Qing, the young man's eyes were even more brilliant. As soon as his body moved, he put the clothes on his body. The young man's figure was not much different from Ye Qing's. The clothes fit him very well. The young man who put on the clothes immediately gave Ye Qing a completely different feeling. A strange breath emanated from his body. And I, kill him. "The young man suddenly spoke, his voice a little tender, as if he were a baby who had just learned to speak." As he spoke, Ye Qing opened his one eye between his eyebrows, and a golden light shone straight at the real person. But the young man's speed is faster, but also more violent, only to see his palm forward, the surrounding gray fog quickly condensed, side impact door beams ,precision welded tubes, into a huge fog to hit the illusion of real people, almost at the same time as Ye Qing's golden light shot at the illusion of real people. With a clap of his palm, he stood up from the ground, snorted coldly, turned over his hand and took out a white jade compass. With a clap of his palm, countless stars emerged and turned into nebulae, blocking him. The golden light of the youth and Ye Qing hit the nebula at the same time, and the nebula was 70% broken in an instant. The face of the phantom man remained unchanged, his palms clapped again and again, and the broken ones condensed again, and then they broke again. The nebula broke three times in a row, and finally blocked the attack of the youth. Illusion real person a cold smile, greedily staring at the youth, silver pupil instantly into a whirlpool, the youth saw the illusion real person's pupil, the body suddenly shook. It was at the time of this shock that the phantom turned over his palm and took out a small silver bell three feet high. The bell was carved with fine runes. He threw the bell into the air. The bell grew bigger and bigger in the air. A group of silver light spurted out of the tripod and quickly enveloped the young man. In the moment under the silver mask, the young man had come to his senses, but his body seemed to be tied by a rope and could not move. The smile on the face of the illusionist was stronger, and the seal on the palm of his hand came out again and again. The silver light on the small bell became more and more abundant, and the silver light flowed back into the bell like water, as if to seal the young man. At this time, Ye Qing's one eye between his eyebrows opened again, and a golden light of arm thickness hit the real person of illusion. At the same time, the rusty broadsword appeared in Ye Qing's hand, and Ye Qing quickly rushed to the real person of illusion. With a clap of the palm of the phantom, the runes on the compass emerged again, and a curtain of light appeared in front of the phantom. There was a hint of sarcasm at the corners of Ye Qing's mouth, and the power of the divine light condensed by the three Dan fire and heart thunder was not comparable to that before. The moment the golden light hit the starlight, the whole starlight kept breaking, the jade plate trembled, more than ten cracks appeared on the compass, the face of the real person became ugly in an instant, a palm clap, a turtle shell appeared in front of him. Illusion real person hands stroke, one by one seal formula hit out, tortoise shell quickly become bigger, block the golden light shot over. The cracks on the shell increased again, but the golden light still did not penetrate the shell. Taking advantage of the illusion of the real person to resist the golden light, the young man tore his hands fiercely, tore the silver light from the small bell, and jumped out of the silver light in an instant. The young man's glass-like pupils showed his intention to kill, and his palms clapped hard on the shell, but the shell was harder than anything he had torn before, and his hands were shaken open in an instant. The young man clapped one hand after another on the tortoise shell, and the cracks on the tortoise shell increased. There was a painful look on the face of the real person. After a moment's meditation, he turned over his palm and took out a magic weapon again. It was a blood-red tusk. As soon as the magic weapon was taken out, it was surrounded by endless evil spirits. The tusk trembled gently in the hands of the real person, sucking blood at all. This is a rare treasure I got, although it is not yet a spiritual object, but it will not be too different. After more than a hundred years of sacrificial training, I have been able to exert 90% of my strength. With this bloody tooth, I have killed four great monks in the late yuan Ying period. It is your honor that you can die in its hands. "With a fierce clap of the palm of the phantom real person, the fangs suddenly turned into a blood light and stabbed the young man. A strong evil spirit came out, and the tortoise shell made by the phantom real person was trembling slightly.". The young man's face was calm,aluminium coated tubes, his eyes slowly turned dignified, and he stared at the bloody fangs. When the fangs approached, he stretched out his finger fiercely: "Void Finger.". cbiesautomotive.com


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