Mortal Xiuxian Biography

When you get back, tell me more about your enmity with this man. Look at that man's appearance, it seems that he hates you.

When you get back, tell me more about your enmity with this man. Look at that man's appearance, it seems that he hates you. Don't leave me too far away in the future, in case the other side attacks. "Yes, second uncle," Wang Tiangu ordered slowly. I didn't expect that the little nephew had set up a great enemy for himself. This person in such a short time, unexpectedly one after another breaks through the knot Dan and yuan Ying bottleneck, really too lets the little nephew surprise! The cicada answered respectfully. But as soon as he thought that Han Li was already a monk of yuan Ying, he felt blocked in his heart and looked rather depressed. Hum! You don't have to be too discouraged. With the supreme power of Blood Spirit Dafa, your husband and wife are not really afraid of this boy. As long as the Blood Spirit Dafa breaks through the seventh layer, you and Ruyan can both congeal yuan Ying. It's really hard to say who's looking for trouble! However, you two should be more careful when you go to Mulan Grassland this time. Even if I really have to leave you, you and your wife should not be alone. Together, you should be able to protect yourself. Wang Tiangu sneered. Thank you for your advice! "When the cicada heard what Wang Tiangu had said, he felt relieved and quickly thanked him." Hey, hey! You brothers, I am most optimistic about you, otherwise I will not bring you to the fair alone this time. However, the boy was originally a monk in Huangfeng Valley, and Linghu old ghost seems to have come to the fair in person, this boy will not have anything to do with the old ghost, right? Wang Tiangu lowered his voice and murmured to himself, as if he were very afraid of Linghu Lao Zu. When Wang Chan and Yan Ruyan heard this,foldable bulk container, they looked at each other suspiciously. Han Li returned to his residence, slept for a night, got up the next day, spent a whole day, hurried to buy all the materials he still needed to buy, and then told Mu Peiling, ready to ask Lv Luo to take the woman back together. When Lv Luo heard that Han Li was planning to leave in a hurry without waiting for the end of the fair, he was naturally stunned, but he saw that Han Li did not mean to explain in detail,heavy duty plastic pallet, so he did not ask the reason and agreed to come down. This made Han Li feel good about this Elder Martial Brother Lv. For the rest of the day, Han Li did not go anywhere, but meditated in the attic for a whole day. At the appointed time, Han Li calmly left the attic and went alone to a hill thousands of miles south of Tiancheng. When they got there, the Marquis of South Longhou and the old man in white were waiting there without a single person. South Longhou, in particular, even the purple robes and jade crowns on his body were changed, and he was dressed as a pale yellow Confucian scholar. In the next two or three hours, the rest of the people also arrived one by one, but the last three people, King Tiangu of the Ghost Gate, came together. When Han Li saw this, his face moved. In the south Longhou a "departure", a line of nine people quietly left Tiancheng, to the south of the Mulan grassland direction. The State of Yu, where Tiancheng is located, plastic pallet supplier ,plastic pallet box, is not the country closest to the Mulan Grassland, and the country adjacent to the Mulan Grassland of the Nine Nations Alliance is not a real border, but a loess field stretching nearly ten thousand miles in the middle. Vegetation is scarce in this area, the loess is flying all the year round, and the wind is strong. Naturally, it has become a place where the Nine Nations Alliance and the Dharma fighters fight. Over the years, tens of thousands of immortals have died in this land. Not to mention the time of formal engagement, even in ordinary times, this wasteland is also a dangerous and unusual place. Because for many reasons, there are many monks and monks from both sides wandering back and forth on this land. Some are in order to brazenly kill and seize treasures, and some are in order to break through the bottleneck of cultivation between life and death. Whatever the reason, one thing is the same, that is, the immortals who dare to come here are naturally quite confident in their own cultivation, far better than ordinary monks of the same rank. Most of these people are monks in the period of building the foundation, and occasionally there will be fights between Jiedan. Whenever the existence of these Jiedan-level appears, those low-level immortals will immediately hide far away, for fear of bringing disaster to the fish in the pond. As for the old monster of yuan Ying level, it is not easy to appear in such a small place, so when the south Longhou with Han Li and a line of people walked into this area, everyone did not take it seriously, all this wasteland as nothing in general! The distance of thousands of miles, for Han Li and other yuan Ying period monks, that is, most of the time can easily pass through, so several people are not in a hurry, only to escape forward at an ordinary speed. South Longhou and the old man in the white shirt led the way, Wang Tiangu and other three people cut off, Han Li and the rest of the people scattered in the middle of the flight. Along the way also found a few low-level monks, a few of them naturally will not go to pay attention to, directly from their heads flying away without a sound. I don't know if it was a coincidence, but they had just been flying in the wilderness for nearly half an hour when the white-shirted old man leading the way stopped. Brother Yun, what's the matter? South Longhou can not help but a stay asked. He and the old man in the white shirt took turns to let go of the divine consciousness to watch around, so there was such a question. There seems to be a strong wind ahead. Something's wrong! The old man, surnamed Yun, narrowed his eyes and said with a dignified face. What do you mean, gale? Isn't it normal to have a little wind here? South Longhou said a little strange, and then he released his divine consciousness and went into the distance. He knew that the old man in the white shirt would not say so for no reason. Han Li and the old woman in the back also heard clearly what Nanlong Hou said, and after looking at each other, they also made their own moves. Although I haven't really entered the Mulan grassland yet, it's better to be careful. Several of them are people with strong divine consciousness, no matter how detailed others say, it is better to explore it in person and rest assured. As a result, Han Li and other talented people released their divine consciousness to the front, and several people's faces also showed a look of surprise and uncertainty. There is something wrong with the wind, but there must be something wrong with it. It is not a natural wind! The old woman said with a sullen face after she had taken away her divine consciousness. Chapter 689 of the fifth volume, the first appearance of the Dharma Master. Where Han Li's consciousness is felt, the yellow wind is overwhelming, which is more than a hundred Zhangs high, and where it passes, it is flying sand and stones, yellow dust rolling,plastic wheelie bins, such as the birth of the evil dragon, what a big evil spirit, I can't help but be surprised.


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