Perfect World (1)

Because, strong as Tianxian College can not go in to explore one by one, because those forbidden places are too dangerous, the loss will be great, only really determine a place, concentrate on exploring an ancient place, is the safest.

Because, strong as Tianxian College can not go in to explore one by one, because those forbidden places are too dangerous, the loss will be great, only really determine a place, concentrate on exploring an ancient place, is the safest. Huozhou is rich in divine gold and has all kinds of natural treasures, which are the best materials for refining utensils. Therefore, the major religions in the upper world swarmed in and occupied the territory. The huge Fire State is divided into many regions and has many rich mineral deposits. It is precisely because of this that the legend of immortal gold here has been widely spread since ancient times and has never been broken. Similarly, the Fire State is indeed a strange place, often inexplicably rising from the ground, burning all things, creating a lot of supernatural events. And it is precisely because of this that there are several forbidden places. It is believed that the Fire State definitely has a great secret, but it is difficult to find out all of it. Sure enough, many mercenary regiments and casual practitioners took action and went to the outer areas of those forbidden areas to explore clues and get rich rewards. Although roving bandits and casual practitioners are ferocious, they also know that some places can only be explored in the distance, not in depth, otherwise they will die. In some forbidden areas, there are remnants of ancient immortals, who once trapped the old religious leader to death, while in some ancient areas, it is like a lost sea, which will lose its soul after entering, strange and inexplicable. Fufeng city, bustling, batch after batch of teams pulled out, disappeared in the distance. Shi Hao also left, he wants to find a quiet place to recover from the injury, and then consider other things. The prairie stretched as far as the eye could see, but it was not all grassland. He flew thousands of miles and found a mountain range. He wanted to retreat here, but as he approached, a white flame rose. This made him awe-inspiring. No wonder some gods spontaneously combusted and died innocently. Some places in the Fire State are really dangerous. Finally, he found a stockade, there can be hundreds of families, want to stay here, because the place where there are people must have withstood the test, will not be dangerous. As a result, as soon as he came in, he was interrogated by all kinds of people, and the people in the stockade completely treated him as a murderer. In this regard,pumpkin seed extract, he can also understand that there are too many roving bandits in this land, and not long after he came, he encountered a lot of strange things. Finally, Shi Hao sent out a piece of God material and was allowed to stay. It took him five days to recover from his wounds, mainly because the elixir that Kong Qiuji had let him eat had played a big role, otherwise it would have taken longer. This makes his eyes cold, with his constitution, not bad physical body also to this step, it can be seen that the means of the heavenly people, after being sealed for repair, with a fierce sword to destroy his physical body in many vital points and vitality. Shi Hao got up, silently realized that he had recovered to his peak state, and decided to go to a secret place. He wanted to see if there was a chaotic flame in that place. He hoped in his heart, but he did not know whether the clues that the roving bandits got were accurate. Along the way, he saw many creatures, of all races, haunting the land of the Fire State. On the way, he saw some ancient mines, spraying thin ruixia, blooming brilliance, obviously rare God material, jujube seed powder ,pumpkin seed extract, but unfortunately they were occupied by some big religions. Finally, he landed in front of the Great Rift Valley, which was very lonely and empty, because it was so big that it had a radius of tens of thousands of miles. Like a sudden collapse, it falls from the ground, forming a huge dark and deep canyon, which may be called an endless abyss. Shi Hao frowned, this place is very strange, is there a chaotic flame below? He hesitated a little, and it was obvious that the area around the Great Rift Valley had been melted, forming a glass-like luster, and it was obvious that fire would come out from time to time. He took out the alchemy furnace, put on his ragged armor, and prepared for protection. If he couldn't, he would run away immediately. Then he swooped down into the abyss, and the light grew dimmer and dimmer, until at last it was so dark that he could not see his hand and there was no sound. Such a place, creepy, as if into the dry universe, can not feel the slightest breath of life. Shi Hao explored the divine consciousness and took out the heavy pupil to observe the surrounding scene. It was so deep that he swooped down for tens of miles and did not reach the end until he saw some vague scenes for more than a hundred miles. It was a ruin. This makes Shi Hao surprised, so deep underground, how can there be rubble, who lived here in the past? Moreover, this place is still very vast, and there are still some traces of boulders, scrap iron and so on, which indicates that there was a vast and magnificent building area here. Why, no, these things are new! Shi Hao finally stopped after exploring a large area. Rubble, boulders, scrap iron and so on, although ancient mottled, but still sticky with new soil, these things seem to come up from the center of the earth. He showed a different color, held a heavy pupil in his hand, ran all his magic power, and probed out the divine consciousness, and began to explore again. It has to be said that this area is too large, Shi Hao explored for a day and a night, convinced that the abyss is strange, many boulders, relics and so on are rising from the depths of the stratum. Suddenly, he felt something unusual, and a mist appeared at the bottom of the abyss. Chaos gas! Shi Hao was surprised, and then the cold hair exploded. Could it be that the chaotic flame was really here and was going to appear? Holding the alchemy furnace in his hand, he thought to himself that he did not know whether he could take it away. He was really not sure. Then, the abyss glowed, the ground cracked, and an inexplicable force shook, turning up some rubble, boulders and so on from the depths of the earth. Sure enough! Shi Hao said to himself. The crack was getting bigger and bigger, and the light was blooming. Shi Hao was quite nervous and expectant. Soon he found that the rubble and boulders were no longer pouring in, only the crack was getting bigger. That is An underground palace?! Shi Hao was shocked, through the huge cracks, he saw a luminous underground palace, of course, has been destroyed, located in the depths of the stratum, a wisp of chaos filled out. Concentrated and defensive, he waited for a long time without accident, and finally gritted his teeth and flew down the big crack. This is a vast underground palace, perhaps it can also be called an underground city. If it is not underground, it is a collapsed city, old and empty,tannic acid astringent, endless years have passed, and some broken runes are still shining. Shi Hao is not interested in these, he only looks at the place where the chaos is filled.


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