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He doesn't have many regrets, but agents and fishermen alike,

He doesn't have many regrets, but agents and fishermen alike, retired McCaleb regrets that there are still fish that slip through the net. I hope I can solve all the cases. This has been his long-cherished wish for many years. I used to hate people who got away with murder, and I still do. McCaleb studied the report's accompanying photographs for a moment. This mugshot was taken a long time ago, and it has been used many times by the media when he was still in the Bureau. In the photo, McCaleb's eyes are sharp in front of the camera. Kesha Russell brought a photographer with her for the interview, but McCaleb wouldn't let them take pictures and suggested they pick one of the old ones. He really didn't want anyone to see him like this. It's hard to tell from his appearance that he has received a heart transplant unless he takes off his shirt. McCaleb was about thirty pounds lighter, but it wasn't that he wanted to hide. It was his eyes. He had lost that look, the penetrating look of a bullet. He closed the clipping, threw it aside, tapped his fingers on the table for a few minutes, pondered, and then looked at the iron paper plug next to the telephone, with the little note on it, Graciella? Rivers' phone number was scribbled on it. 。 Before he retired, McCaleb was enthusiastic about his work chasing criminals. He often goes deep into the first scene and witnesses heinous crimes,Granite Slab Supplier, which will surely make the murderer pay for it, and the blood debt must be repaid. There's nothing more fitting than detectives jokingly calling themselves "blood work" when they're solving serial killer cases. McCaleb has always believed that blood must be paid. Whenever the murderer was at large, the thought overwhelmed him and cut his heart like a knife. And what happened to Gloria Torres tormented him like a knife. He survived because she lost her life to the devil. He learned the whole story from the dead man's sister. Gloria was killed simply because she happened to get between the killer and the cash register, and for no other reason. She was so innocent, the reason sounded so stupid, and the result was so terrible. McCaleb felt guilty, to her and her son,Calacatta Nano Glass, to Graciella, and even to himself. McCaleb quickly took off the phone and dialed the number. Although it was late at night, he couldn't wait until the next day. He guessed that Graciella Rivers didn't want him to drag on like this. The phone rang and was picked up, and her low voice came from the microphone. Miss Rivers? "I am." I'm Terrell? McCaleb 。 You came to my- "" "Yes." "Is this an inconvenient time?" "Convenient." "Well, listen, I want to tell you that I, uh, I've been thinking about it, and I promised you that whatever decision I made, I would call you." "Yes." Her tone was hopeful, and it struck a chord in his heart. Well, White Marble Mosaic ,Calacatta Quartz Slab, here's what I think. My, uh, I think in your terms, my major, actually doesn't apply to this type of crime. Your sister's situation is a financial emergency, a robbery, and the cases I encountered in the Bureau are not of this kind, but a series of cases. "I understand." Her voice became depressed again. No, I'm not saying I don't.. You know, not uninterested. I was going to go to the police station tomorrow and ask about the case, so I called you, but- "" "Thank you." I don't know if it can be done, that's what I want to say. I don't want to fill you with hope. That's what I mean. These things.. I don't know I can understand. I'm grateful that you're willing to do that, and no one — "Well, I'll ask about it," he interrupted, not wanting her to thank him so many times. I don't know what kind of help or cooperation I'll get from the LAPD, but I'll do my best. I owe it to your sister. At least I have to try. Graciela Rivers was silent. McCaleb then asked her for details about her sister and the name of the LAPD detective in charge of the case. They talked for about ten minutes. They were silent as McCaleb jotted the information down in a small notebook, and an embarrassing silence spread through the phone. "Well," he said at last, "I think that's all. If I have any more questions or if there's anything new, I'll call you. "Thank you again." I don't know, but I think I should thank you. I'm happy to do this. I just wish I could help. "Oh, I can help.". You have her heart, and she will guide you. "Yes." He hesitated to answer, not really understanding the meaning of her words, and not understanding why he wanted to echo her. I'll call when the time is right. Putting down the receiver, McCaleb looked steadily at the phone, thinking about her last words. After a while, he opened the clipping again and stared at the eyes in the picture for a long time. Finally, he closed the clipping and tucked it under the information on the table. He looked up at the girl with the braces and looked at her for a long time before he nodded and turned off the light. 4 When he was at the Bureau, McCaleb often dealt with the local police, and all this cooperation required skill and strategy. Federal agents he worked with called the technique the "blunt tango" because of its implications for pride and jurisdiction. Not to mention people, even dogs have a similar philosophy. A dog will not easily cross its own territory and urinate freely in the territory of other dogs unless it has the permission of its own kind. Because of the need of work, there is no one with low self-esteem in the Major Crimes Unit. In this line of work, you have to be deeply aware that you are perfectly capable of doing the job at hand. You have to be superior to your competitors, more resourceful, more persevering,Agate Slabs Countertops, and more experienced. You have to believe that you can win. If you don't feel confident about it, pack up and move on to something easier, like burglarizing the sheriff's department or working the night shift on patrol.


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