Complete Body Check-up @699 - Best Health Packs Available

CNC Pathlab is headed and supervised by expert labor force of skillful experts in the sphere of Medicine and Pathology. We've a platoon of devoted, good, and endured pathology experts.

Full Body Health Check-up @CNC Pathlab includes which KFT, LFT, Lipid Profile, Thyroid Test, etc. Book Full Body Test with a free home sample collection now and Online reports available. 

Our health is the most valuable asset we are gifted with. We invest so much in our luxuries and clothing but neglect our health. In today's busy life where pollution is rising, stress has no boundaries and time to exercise is limited, it becomes even more critical to check on our health. 

By going for regular check-ups, we can monitor our health and treat it before the problem becomes severe. Early detection of diseases can be beneficial in treating serious health issues. Instead of going for separate appointments and visiting clinics several times, you can take health packages. 

A full-body check-up forms an important part of preventive health care and is basically a complete check or diagnostic scan of the entire body. It helps in the overall assessment of all the systems and organs of the body, providing an analysis of their health and function. 

Besides these  full body checkup price , @CNC Pathlab also offers individual Blood and Urine Tests like Dengue NS1, Dengue IgG, Dengue IgM, Malaria Antigen, and many more tests.

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