Customized Coarse Cereals Flavor

Customized Coarse Cereals FlavorCustomized Coarse Cereals Flavor

Customized Coarse Cereals Flavor Honey Red bean flavor, ormosia essence, jumble beads flavor, sweetened bean paste flavour. Red bean mainly contains protein, sugar and other nutrients. Seeds are used for food, such as cooking porridge and making bean paste. Honey Red bean flavor is suitable for ice cream, jelly, beverage, sand ice and other foods. Raw red beans have no obvious smell, while boiled red beans, as bean paste stuffing, have a clear fragrance. Red beans can be used in cakes, moon cakes or as stuffing. Available raw materials of red bean flavor: alcohols: 2-hexenol, 1-octene-3-alcohol, benzyl alcohol, etc. Enzymatic hydrolysis is a common method to produce natural flavor. Protein and fat are hydrolyzed by flavor enzymes and lipases to release and enhance aroma. The free amino acids produced are important flavor precursors for Maillard reaction, and fat and fatty acids are also important components of aroma.Customized Coarse Cereals Flavor website:


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