Top 60 History Topics for students- 2023

It doesn't matter if you want to write about a United States History research paper or all over the world.

Finding out the topic for the History research paper can be cumbersome. But the following topics would be a good suggestion to start your history research paper. It doesn't matter if you want to write about a United States History research paper or all over the world. In this article, you can find the idea that covered all the topics to kick-start your research ideas. You can always reach out to our  essay writer for having your work done in due time. In this way, you can get good grades and save up your time. Following is the list of American History research paper topics for college students:

  1. Before the invasion by Europeans, what was the history and culture of Americans?
  2. How did 9/11 affect the US Foreign policy and how did it change it?
  3. What was the significance of Japan's Target of Pearl Harbor to the US and Why did Japan do it?
  4. Why did American Revolution Leaders fail to achieve Equality for everyone?
  5. What are the traditions that define Independence Day in the US?
  6. What incidents led to Slavery abolishment?
  7. How were the initial inhabitants of the US were found? Who were they?
  8. Did the US have to bomb Japan with two atomic bombs?
  9. After Hitler and the Nazis had fallen, what happened in Germany?
  10. Why is Communism considered a lousy system historically?
  11. Why has nationalism failed among Arab states but is the primary source of Identity everywhere else?
  12. How the course of US politics changed after the assassination of John F. Kennedy?
  13. Who was Abu Hamid al-Ghazali? What were the impacts of his ideas on Islam?
  14. What was the Primary Intention of the US bomb drop on Japan? Was it to end the war or to prevent the increasing influence of the Soviet Union in Asia?
  15. Why the fall of Constantinople in 1453 was perceived as the saddest moment in mankind's history?
  16. Why Eastern Europe always followed Western Europe for development?
  17. Which other country used women in World War II besides Russia?
  18. During WWII What was the reason for Hitler attacking the Soviets?
  19. What European Nation has the most influencing culture in history?
  20. Highlight events that made France and England from enemies to allies.
  21. What are the differences in feudalism in Eastern and Western Europe?
  22. How effective Industrial revolution was to European countries?
  23. As a result of WWII, define factors that led to the mass degradation of French women.
  24. How in Ancient Greece did philosophy become popular?
  25. What are the similarities between Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome?
  26. Who was Alexander the Great and why was he considered the outstanding leader in history?
  27. How Ancient Egypt was unique from Ancient Rome and Greece?
  28. What is the democracy origin in ancient Greece?
  29. Explain the story of Theagenes of Thasos, the strongest fighter in ancient Rome.


  1. Through the 20th century, What was Women's Status in the USSR?
  2. Why didn't any western country interfere in Communist China in the 20th century?
  3. What was the need for Bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
  4. Towards immigrants in the 21st century, What are the reasons for US policies?
  5. What was the price of industrialization, the American nation paid?
  6. Who are some of the prominent investors and industrialists in the Modern-day world?
  7. How has industrialization influenced social movements in the US?
  8. What is American Foreign Policy from the start of the 21st century?
  9. How has the world's attitude changed towards Uganda? How did Idi Amin do it?
  10. How Democratic the Republic of Congo different from neighboring countries?
  11. Why did it take long till the 19th century for Europeans to start colonizing sub-Saharan Africa?
  12. How oil and petroleum were discovered in Ethiopia?
  13. Why did North Africa go from the Wealthiest region to Backwater during the Roman Empire?
  14. What contributed Africa to having the wealthiest countries? What are those countries?
  15.  What after colonial drawbacks Africa had to deal with?
  16. What was the Continent's state in the 1600s?
  17. Before Europe and Asia's influence, what religions were practiced in Africa?
  18. Between the 6th and 8th centuries, what are some patent African Empires of Africa?
  19. In 1884 what were the results of German warfare in Africa?
  20. What made Sumerians the first great Civilization of humankind?
  21. Explain some less-known Byzantine Empire facts.
  22. How did the Ottoman Empire Spread to the Middle East?
  23. Which Middle East countries have been powerful economies throughout history?
  24. What cultures were adapted by Byzantines and Romans to incorporate into the Middle East?
  25. The essay writing service  Changed the Middle East in modern history?

  26. Explain the Impacts of Martin Luther King's Speech on African American Community?
  27. During the Industrial age what was the position of Black Americans?
  28. After the civil war explained the struggles of the African American Population.
  29. Explain beliefs and traditions of African American culture.
  30. How African American Women helped in WWII?
  31. What 14th Amendment offered the black community?
  32. Explain some legends and cultural traits in Black history.

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