How to be confident according to someone

confidence is not a personality trait it's a skill which means it can be learned practiced and enhanced by anyone honestly I feel like I'm the last person who should be giving advice on how to be confident because I'm still figuring it out myself right now I'm prete

 first let's start with an instant confidence booster and that's wearing clothes that you feel good in I know it sounds a bit shallow but you have to admit being well dressed really impacts your life as someone who has anxiety wearing an outfit that I feel comfortable in that feels like me and looks good on me really helps me forget about my anxiety like all I can think about is how good I look at this haircut look at this outfit I think it's important to not just feel good on the inside but to also feel and look good on the outside especially if you have anxiety because anxiety is a product of diminished self-confidence that people have lost or never had due to negative upbringings or trauma in their when I look good I feel good about myself something I didn't always feel growing up .

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so I do believe that clothing the way we dress the way we look plays a huge role in our confidence so dress up look cute because you deserve to feel good about yourself promo I don't have any other social media accounts so I needed to get creative I still struggle with this one but learning to say no will build your confidence this is a tough one especially for people Pleasers we tend to say yes to things that we really don't want to say yes to in order to be socially accepted growing up I was a people pleaser I would put other people's wants and needs ahead of my own and I would neglect my own needs because my self-worth was dependent on other people's approval and acceptance of me which I realize now is not healthy being confident and saying no can also help you build boundaries in your relationships and you need boundaries in your relationships because boundaries are the rules that protect your priorities and your well-being once you figure out what your boundaries are and you understand clearly what you're saying no to then you will feel more confident in saying no to people's requests .

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for example let's say you've made it a boundary to not deal with work once your shift is over because you want a healthier work-life balance then you would feel confident in saying no to a co-worker if they ask you to participate in a meeting that takes place outside of your regular work time and keep it brief no is a complete sentence you can say more if you want but be vigilant to not diminish your answer don't bury your no in apologies or long explanations or justifications your no is enough and I get it that it can be really awkward and it might feel really weird at first [Music] thank you but with time and practice you'll see your confidence growing and you'll notice how empowering it feels to say no to things that cross your boundaries remember every good no leaves space for a better yes one that adds value builds relationships and enhances your overall well-being and my final tip to gain confidence is to say thank you instead of sorry saying sorry for things that you don't need to apologize for lowers your self-esteem my body physically shrinks when I apologize for things that I don't need to be sorry for but it's been a really hard habit to break whenever I say sorry you had to wait for me sorry but I have a question sorry I need help I thought I was being polite but what I realized what my apologizing was communicating to others was that I was unasserted not competent in myself and disingenuous I wasn't t actually sorry for having a question I wasn'tt actually sorry for asking for help but I said it because I was taught that it was the polite thing to do in those situations so it just became a habit if you want to stop saying sorry but you still want to show your appreciation for people in your life then say thank you and practice it daily thank you for waiting for me thank you for answering my question thank you for helping me.


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