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Original title: "Go to the world and the sea", creating many firsts! Directly Hit Many "Super Projects" in Shenzhen, the Fastest Opening Next

He Feng and He Xi, two real people under the door of Zhengyimen Shouzheng Zhenren, have their own merits, and they are equally equal in terms of cultivation. It is called Yu Liang for a time in the realm of practice. It's not easy to make a decision about who is the right person. These two people can't tell the difference. I'm afraid we have to compare them from their disciples. The first time I entered Zhengyisan Mountain, there were Ze Dong, Ze Ping and Ze Ming blocking the way. Perhaps it was not me who was tested, but themselves. Later, on Fangzheng Peak, Shouzheng Zhenren also asked me about the evaluation of the three people. But I specifically mentioned another person Ze Ren, did not expect Shouzheng also thought so. Now Shouzheng assigns Zeren a seemingly strange task, which naturally has the intention of investigation. I can think of it, but he Xi didn't. It's not that I'm more knowledgeable, but that he and Xi didn't see through it. Having said that, I took a sip of tea and said with a smile, "Now that Elder Martial Brother has understood, I won't say more. After all, this is a matter of the same door." And Xi finally smiled: "So, I don't bother you to find and ancient, only remind Zeren that child take care of himself." I didn't expect the younger martial brother to have such insight at such a young age! How do you see it? I'm not talking about Shifu testing Zeren. It's the way you just said about the inheritance of the mantle. I thought about it and replied, "Today I met Qiye, the head of Hainan,Cantilever Storage rack, and Fengjun, the son who forgot his love. When they stood together, I suddenly had a feeling that both of them had the atmosphere of a great master, and each of them was close to the ultimate realm of spiritual practice in the world.". Two people's minds and feelings are completely different, but no one can take away each other's aspirations, and then change each other, can only talk to each other. They are going to carry out this discussion and struggle,Pallet rack supplier, no matter whether they are superior or inferior, they will not waver in their own minds, but the final result will affect other junior disciples in the venue. He Xi also sighed: "That's right, not to mention those juniors present, even our seniors are quite curious and looking forward to that fight." Seeing that the night was dark and the matter was over, I got up to leave, and Xi was about to get up to see him off, when suddenly there was a very slight sound from the ancient pine outside the pine pavilion. At that time, there was no wind in the mountains, not the wind, not the squirrels stepping on the branches, nor the pine needles falling, but the human voice! He Xi and I were both very sensitive and immediately recognized it. He Xi gave a low shout: "Who is here?" Then he waved his sleeve and was about to make a move. Old Taoist, are you ashamed to gossip about your disciples behind their backs? A soft girl's voice came from the pine tree. Then a woman dressed in white jumped down, floated a few steps, Pallet rack upright ,Narrow aisle rack, disappeared in the mountains, the figure is very wonderful. He Xi had puffed up his robe sleeves to make a move, but when he heard the woman's voice, he dropped his hand again and watched her leave with a very embarrassed look. He said to me, "Younger Martial Brother, she is Lily." I was also taken aback. "She was on top of us. Why didn't I know?"? Aren't you aware of your cultivation, Elder Martial Brother? She doesn't have such magical powers, does she? He Xi: "I know what's going on. It must be Ze Ren who gave her the'Hidden God Zhenru Pei '.". The child. Only after careful inquiry did I know that the Tibetan God Zhenru Pei is a ritual instrument, which can send out a kind of pure and honest spirit, and it is of great benefit to the cultivation of the mind. It can also help to resolve the disturbance of extraterrestrial demons when sitting. Zhengyi is indeed a great school that has been passed down for thousands of years. There are many good things, and they are also specially used in meditation and spiritual practice! There is another use for this "Zang Shen Zhen Ru Pei", which is similar to my lock ring, but different. Wearing it into the meditation method can defend oneself, and you can hide your spirit at ordinary times, as long as you hold your breath and keep your body still. Even a master is hard to detect. Just now, Lily probably stayed in the tree for a long time, and could not help but gently cut her hair, which was immediately discovered by us. When Hexi was a teenager, he also encountered dangers in the world. At that time, his practice was not enough, so Shouzheng Zhenren passed the Tibetan God Zhenru Pei to him to defend himself. This time Zhengyi sent Zeren and his disciples to the north to meet me. He Xi was afraid that his disciples couldn't handle it, so he passed the Tibetan God Zhenru Pei to Zeren to hide himself. I didn't expect to wear it on Lily now! Ze Ren temporarily gave this instrument to Lily, which should be very appropriate for her, whether it is her usual practice or self-protection. He Xi Zhenren knew that Lily had eavesdropped on our conversation, and saw that Ze Ren had given Lily the precious protective instrument, and the relaxed expression that had just changed began to worry a little. Talk behind one's back is heard again. I also felt a little embarrassed, and immediately took my leave to go down the mountain with Xi. A night without words, the next day, Zheng13 Mountain Meeting ushered in the most anticipated "chance meeting" of the younger generation of disciples, which is what Feng Junzi called "drawing lots and touching prizes meeting". A crystal-clear stream slants from east to west, like a jade belt, dividing the bright green valley in Zhengyi Mountain into two sides. There is a single arch bridge of bluestone over the stream. The shape is quaint and unique, and there are various reliefs of auspicious animals on the bridge railings. The south side of the bridge is the bamboo shed where all factions gather, while the north side of the bridge faces the foot of Fangzheng Peak, which is the venue of the opportunity meeting. On this day, only the younger generation of disciples can cross the bridge. Bring back a gift in a bag. There was no table on the other side of the bridge, and all the bags were neatly and regularly scattered on the grass in the valley, just go and pick one up. Of course, each person is only allowed to take one. I calculated that the total number of junior disciples at the Three Mountains Conference was more than two thousand. According to Hexi Zhenren, there were 2,412 people in total, and there were 2,600 gifts in the bag. The reason why there were nearly two hundred more gifts was that some of the gate sects sent one or two more gifts, and some of the predecessors did not bring their disciples but also sent gifts. In the end, they were short of a few odd pieces and took things to make up a whole number. In short, some people are willing to pick and choose,heavy duty racking system, and there is room for picking and choosing. But on this occasion, I'm afraid it doesn't have much effect. The space amulet on this chance bag is sealed by Shouzheng Zhenren himself. No one can see through what is inside? Even if it is the eyes of the sky, it is useless. omracking.com


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