Queen of the Xie family

After careful questioning, they all said that when they were beating the black cow, the thin child squeezed in and rescued the black cow.

The next head was busy, and the big prince looked like a good brother, leading Princess Yuyao to sit on one side, pouring her half a cup of tea, and taking a snack for her to eat. Princess Yuyao slept in a daze, drinking water and eating snacks. Xie Ning's wound applied some ointment, the ointment is quite effective, after the application of the burning feeling was replaced by a cool. These wound medicines are always available, but they have not been used before, and they are all good medicines. Fang Shanggong breathed a sigh of relief: "Rub it now. It's better not to see water on the wound. Rub it again tomorrow, and it will be better soon." Although the wound is not serious, but the forehead there has been swollen, a little purple, but it looks very unsightly. If the emperor came, how could he hide it? Xie Ning looked at the mirror, really very conspicuous, I am afraid not three or five days can not eliminate the silt: "The emperor there is originally can not hide, if the emperor came to dinner at night, this matter to the emperor said." Fortunately,Carbon in Pulp, Princess Yuyao was found, and the emperor should not be heavily responsible. It was the two palace maids and her wet nurse beside Princess Yuyao who were afraid that they could not escape this time. You can't blame her if the wet nurse goes out. There are three urgent things. Who can control it? But the maid who served Princess Yuyao actually dozed off when she was on duty, which could not be justified in any case. If nothing happens, everything is easy to say, but it happened today. "Look at the people first, and don't embarrass them too much. Look back and see what the emperor will do with them." Princess Yuyao ate a snack and drank water. She came over and sat down next to Xie Ning. She looked so good that she didn't know how much trouble she had caused. But she is now suffering from this disease, she can not say,gold shaking table, even if she said, she is afraid that only do not understand. Xie Ning's body was not painful, but he felt a headache. It was a near miss today, but what if there is a next time? What about next time? Not every time can be so lucky. The person who sent the message to Lan Huixuan also came back. Princess Mingwei asked someone to say that she knew. She also said that she had sent someone to Changchun Garden to inquire about the situation. As soon as there was a reply, she sent someone to report it. Fang Shanggong had been ill, but now he was sweating all over, but he felt much more relaxed. Xie Ning urged her to rest, but Fang Shanggong heard something strange in the words. Master, why did Princess Mingwei send someone to Changchun Garden? Did something happen to the banquet today? Shainin's head hurts even more. Just anxious to attend to, and now think of Xie Liu's mother and daughter three people, this matter has not been resolved. Qing He winked at Fang Shanggong and said softly, "My master has been tired for most of the day and has been injured. Let's go to the west room and lie down and rest for a while. The maidservant is just in time to clean up the room and put up a new curtain." Xie Ning really wants to rest for a while. As for what happened in Changchun Garden today, even if Qinghe didn't tell Fang Shanggong, magnetic separator machine ,portable gold wash plant, it would spread all over the garden in the dark at the latest, and it would be the same sooner or later. She just wanted to close her eyes and think about how to place Xie Liu's mother and daughter. Of course, first of all, we have to get them out of the Changchun Garden. Look at Princess Mingshou like that, she is still not satisfied after tossing and turning today, and she may not be willing to release her. If it were someone else, it would be all right to send someone to pick her up, but Princess Mingshou was obviously not a reasonable person. What can we do then? Is it difficult for her to go in and rob people? And Princess Yuyao, even if the emperor does not blame her, he is afraid that there is a knot in his heart, perhaps, he will want to change the place to raise Princess Yuyao. In that case, who would it be? Think of those people who went to the banquet today to watch the scene of bustle and add insult to injury by watching the fire from the other side of the river, which one can sincerely be good to Princess Yuyao? Everyone has his own little plan. She didn't really want to sleep, but with her head on the pillow, she soon fell asleep, and it was rare for her to sleep so deeply. It seems to think back, for a long time she has not slept alone, either with Princess Yuyao, or with the emperor. This time I fell asleep without a dream, and I slept deeply and soundly. As soon as he opened his eyes and looked at the dim sky outside, Xie Ning was taken aback, wondering if the emperor should go to court, and then thinking if Princess Yuyao had woken up? After a long time, she collected herself and thought that it was not in the palace, nor in the morning. Then she remembered the messy day, sighed a long sigh, covered her face and buried her head in her lap. Someone gently hugged her from behind. Xie Ning was taken aback and turned to look back. The emperor asked softly, "Are you awake?" Xie Ning quickly wiped away the tears on his face. "When did the emperor come?" As if he had not seen her act of wiping her tears in a panic, the emperor held her gently in his arms and said, "I've been back for a while. I didn't have the heart to call you when I saw you sleeping soundly.". Are you too tired these days? Xie Ning answered at random. She really wants to indulge in it regardless. The tears had been wiped away just now, and now somehow they trickled out again, and they were still on the emperor's skirt. Summer wear thin, the emperor's body is a layer of clothes and a layer of gauze robe, tears suddenly soaked in. Today I see people all day, the same words as long as a change of name can be said to different people, it is very boring. Later, I was bored. I drank several pots of tea a day, and there was no taste in my mouth. Xie Ning gave a vague hum. She also has a lot of things to say to the emperor, but now let her rely on so much for a while. If you say those words, the present tenderness and tranquility will disappear. She'll just lean on it for a little while, a little while. I have been thinking of you and the children before today. The emperor says: "Two princes changed a place to do not know to affect appetite?" Xie Ning said softly,sodium cyanide price, "His appetite is a little scary. A wet nurse can't afford him to eat." The emperor was very supportive of his son's good appetite: "You should eat well. How can you grow fast if you don't eat too much?"? What about you? What did you use for lunch? Xie Ning really doesn't remember at all. Who knows what was served at the luncheon? She seemed to have eaten a few grapes, touched nothing else, and didn't care what was on the plates. ore-magnetic-mining.com


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