I am a group pet in Guogongfu.

After careful questioning, they all said that when they were beating the black cow, the thin child squeezed in and rescued the black cow.

Liang Di was too angry to speak. What happened today? He was angry enough about the library in the morning, but he didn't expect that this afternoon was really unbearable. Liang Di sat on a chair, holding his forehead, and felt dizzy. His trusted Chamberlain would, together with the empress and concubine, throw his young son, who was less than three months old, into the pond. Somebody. Liang Di's dumb voice finally closed his eyes and sighed feebly, "Drag it out." When Chang Fu heard this, he shook like a chaff sieve: "Your Majesty, Your Majesty!"! The slave is wronged! Yes, um.. Two bodyguards next to him covered Changfu's mouth and pulled his bent body out of the imperial study. Ambergris rose slowly from the copper stove. Liang Di opened his muddy eyes and pointed to a blue-clad Chamberlain beside him. "You will take his place in the future." Chang Lu hurriedly kowtowed to thank him. He waited in the imperial study until evening. Then he went out of the palace door, turned a hidden path, and flashed in from a small side door next to the East Palace. The night is silent and no one knows. Your Highness, it's all done. Chang Lu bowed his head and reported. Twelve moire lamps illuminated the chamber of secrets, and Cen Yu sat in front of the table, tapping the table with his long fingers. Bring the man here. After a while, two dark guards came in carrying a man who had been tied up as a rice dumpling. With a bang, the dumpling was thrown on the ground, and the dark guard handed over and took off the cloth cover on his head. Changfu suddenly saw the light,manganese beneficiation plant, dazzling to tears, he saw the man sitting in front of the table in a group of bright, his face and neck were red, and his eyes were about to crack. Do you understand? Cen Yu's face was expressionless, as if he had asked casually. Changfu's chest rose and fell violently, and then gradually subsided. Ask you a question, answer it well,Portable gold trommel, and it won't hurt very much tomorrow. Cen Yu took out his handkerchief and wiped his hands. "Was it King Shou or his father who was alone on Qishan Mountain when he was in danger?" The candle crackled, and Changfu stood there in a daze. He looked like he had been struck by lightning. Cen Yu raised his eyebrows slightly, and his heart was clear. A moment later, he lowered his eyes and said with a faint smile, "So it's really my father." The candle flickered, and the pen hanging on the shelf cast shadows, like the claws of a tiger, sharp and black, poking Cen Yu's hand on the table. Go ahead Cen Yu waved. The stone door turned, and Cen Yu was the only one left in the secret room. I do not know how long, sighs can not be heard. He looked at the landscape map of seclusion on the wall and whispered, "Do you really want to be a loner?" Cen Yu blew out the candle, smoothed the folds of his sleeves, and got up and went back to his bedroom. Tomorrow, coltan ore processing ,gold cil machine, he will go to see Yingzhi. More articles official account: Xiaoxiao Shumeng In the Guogong mansion. After getting up, Yingzhi sat in front of the dressing mirror and found that she had dark circles under her eyes. She went through the books at home yesterday, but she didn't understand what was written on the second half of the prescription, and then she was not careful until late at night. If Guyu hadn't heard the sound during the vigil and come in to check, she would have stayed up all night. Ying Zhi rubbed his eyes and suddenly thought that he had specialized in the art industry. Just as Zixia is familiar with the classics, she is familiar with the Taoist scriptures. If she goes to the pharmacy and looks for doctors who are proficient in herbal medicine, maybe the problem will be solved. Ying Zhi summoned a little maid in the courtyard and gave her a small and delicate waist pendant. "Send it to the gatekeeper in the other courtyard," she said. "Tell him I have something to do this afternoon and I can't go. Ask him if I can change it to tomorrow." The little maid hid her waist carefully in her arms and went out. At the breakfast table, Ying Zhi and Li Shi proposed that they should go to Dongshi for a stroll. Li Shi did not ask to agree, their own girl every day covered her head to study those remnants, looks good, but she always felt that the girl family, to enjoy the fifteen or sixteen years old boudoir time, and go out with the little sisters. Is Zhizhi not going to the library today? Li asked casually. I'm not going. Ying Zhi answered. What happened in the library yesterday was really unpleasant, but Zixia had already helped her write all the fragments to be revised, and even took them to sort them out. She believed what Zixia said. He said she would never have to go to the library again, so he must have a way. Li Shi sat on the dining table and said with a smile, "I don't know how many people envy the branches of our family, which have been put into the library by Your Majesty." Jiang Cheng and Jiang Rou all responded, only Jiang Lin still buried his head in the bowl and drank sweet porridge. The smile on Ying Zhi's face froze. She looked at the three approving family members and hesitated, "I.." Actually, I don't want to go to the library. As soon as the words came out, the table was silent, and the chopsticks and laughter stopped. What's going on? Jiang Chengqisheng asked, "Why don't you want to go?" Ying Zhi pursed her lips and finally did not choose to say anything about the library. There's no reason, I just don't want to go. She looked up at her sister Jiang Rou, looked across Jiang Cheng and Li Shi, and finally lowered her eyes. Perhaps she let her sister down, her father should have told his friends and colleagues about it, and her mother had received a lot of invitations in front of her. But she won't go. Zhi Zhi. Jiang Cheng cleared his throat and said, "that's a good decision!" Ying Zhi suddenly looked up, Jiang Cheng and Li's faces were full of approval, and her sister was also smiling. This is? Although I don't know why, my sister and parents support me. There seemed to be a warm current flowing through my heart. Yingzhi couldn't help laughing. Her eyes were shining: "Father, mother, sister, why?" "Where is the reason?" Li Shi waved his hand and said in a tone of spoiling and reproach, "Your sister has told me that you study hard all day long. This is not good. You should go out more, listen to the opera and see the flowers." Jiang Cheng also solemnly said, "That's the reason. Zhizhi and we have been separated for sixteen years, but as soon as we go home, we either go to the Women's School or go to the Library.". Now that I've learned etiquette and I know the word, why don't I spend more time with my father at home, or go to the school yard with my father? Li Shi said angrily, "If you want to be beautiful,mineral flotation, of course Zhi Zhi will accompany me." Jiang Cheng refused to accept this statement, but he was a man wearing two intimate cotton-padded jackets, and he was never too hot all his life. ore-magnetic-mining.com


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