Legend of the Thief God Reborn from Other World

After careful questioning, they all said that when they were beating the black cow, the thin child squeezed in and rescued the black cow.

"Hey!"! They're all gone. Let's go shopping. Singh sighed and suggested, tilting his head. Then Singh raised his arm, looked at Coco with a bad smile on his face, and said lasciviously, "Beauty, put it on!" Coco's face turned red. She lowered her head and glanced around shyly. She took Singh's arm shyly. Then He went out. Singh and Coco went out of the inn and wandered aimlessly for a long time. Singh wants to have a good time with Coco. He has never had a good time with Coco. He doesn't want the woman around him to run away. Although the two had been strolling for a long time, they could not tell the north, south, east and west. Singh did not propose to take a break, but tried to amuse Coco. Coco was so amused by Xin Ge that he could hardly close his mouth and laughed all the way. Finally, the two of them could not tell the direction, so they just went to the crowded place. Coco, isn't that girl in the front, Gasha? Singh asked uncertainly, spotting a familiar figure in the crowd. Coco looked in the direction of Singh's finger and recognized Gasha at a glance. She waved her hand and shouted happily, "Sasha!"! Shasha Agatha turned to see Kana, and with a big smile on her face, she walked quickly to Coco. When she saw Singh beside Coco, Ah Gasha's face changed immediately,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, but she came over anyway. Without even looking at Singh, Gasha pouted unhappily and said to Coco, "Sister Coco, why are you alone?" "Hey, Sasha, you are too stingy. Are you really angry with me?". Am I not human? Have you already ignored me? Singh said with a giggle. Now, Singh is not going to fight with Ah Gasha. But will this just go away? Of course not. Ah,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, Gasha gave Singh a white look, moved forward, raised her neck and said unconvinced, "I am so stingy!"! Hum, sooner or later I will tear your mouth and make you laugh! "Sasha, why are you here?" At this moment, several people came from behind Gasha, and one of them complained in a reproachful tone. As soon as Singh took a glance, it turned out that he had met an old acquaintance. The man who spoke was none other than Peter, who had been hung on the flagpole by Singh. He was followed by Zidan, who had fainted by Bajie's fart. It was really a narrow road for enemies. At the same time, Peter and Zidan recognized Singh, and their faces turned green at once. It's you. I didn't expect to meet you here! Peter stared bitterly at Singh and said coldly. What are you talking to him? Beat him up! Zidan could not suppress the anger in his heart. With a loud roar, he turned his fists and attacked Singh's face. Singh looked very calm, Empty Glass Foundation Bottle ,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, there was no trace of panic, he casually cast a water barrier level six water advanced magic, in front of the chest to form a transparent magic shield. Zidan's fist hit Singh's magic. He exhausted the strength of the whole body, the body of the fighting spirit desperately into the fist, even so Zidan did not smash the magic shield under Singh cloth, but was shocked to fly out. If the men behind Zidan hadn't held him up, his ass would have fallen. Singh, on the other hand, had only a ripple in the magic shield on his chest, and there was no sign of damage at all. Then Coco opened her arms in front of Singh and warned in a cold voice, "Do you want to fight?"? This is a holy city, and you have to think about the consequences of fighting in the street! Coco's words were like pouring a basin of water on the heads of Zidan and Peter, which instantly calmed their feverish minds. The Holy City is the seat of the Holy See of Light, but the rules are very strict. Fighting in the street will be punished by the pagan court, which will be punished as blasphemy, ranging from being a pagan to a direct sacrifice. Moreover, it is now the time for the Holy Light to beg for blessings once every four years, and if you make trouble at this time, you will certainly be severely punished. A few years ago, there was a prince of a small country who did not know the depth of heaven and earth. During this period, he had a fight with someone. As a result, he was executed on the same day. It was said that he died very miserably. However, this is not to say that fighting is not allowed in the holy city. After all, where there are people, there will be contradictions. If there are contradictions, we must find ways to solve them. Many arenas and arenas have been built in the holy city. If you want to fight, you can invite as many people as you want. As long as both sides go inside voluntarily, no one cares whether they live or die. You can fight as you like. Zidan pushed away the men who were holding him, pointed at Singh's nose and shouted angrily, "Singh, if you have the guts to go to the arena with me, I will duel with you!" "Singh, I'll fight you too!" Peter took a step forward, stood beside Zidan, gritted his teeth and said. You two are not players. I'm not interested. Said Singh, shrugging his shoulders. Zidan's face was out of shape by Singh's anger. He withdrew his neck and shouted in a rage: "What did you say? You have the guts to say it again!" In an instant, Singh's face changed, and he said in a sullen and arrogant way, "I say you are not qualified to fight with me. If one of you can break my magic shield, I will promise him." "Let me try!" At that moment, a rough voice suddenly came from behind them. Chapter 159 is not over. A tall giant. Haha, my name is Tuo Lei Mu, can you let me punch you? I'm interested in taking you on! The'giant 'still had a little childish look on his face. He looked about seventeen or eighteen years old. He opened his mouth to show his white teeth,glass cream jars, smiled foolishly, touched his bare head and looked at Singh excitedly. Singh did not expect to kill a Cheng Yaojin halfway, his face could not help showing a wry smile. Singh squinted and looked carefully at the man who claimed to be a drag. penghuangbottle.com


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