Half a spring breeze

After careful questioning, they all said that when they were beating the black cow, the thin child squeezed in and rescued the black cow.

These familiar names are like a group of invisible opponents fighting in the brain, Sheng Yu frowned painfully, a burst of pain in the brain, a burst of trance panic in the heart, what secret is hidden in the black hole that can not see the direction? Anything that has been forced down is about to break through the ground. A Shi turned to sit down and saw the woman kneeling on the ground frowning tightly, biting her lips as if she were enduring some great pain. After a while, she seemed to be unable to bear it any longer. Holding her head in her hands, she rolled to the ground, groaning in pain and crying out for a headache. In the confusion, a Shi heard her whisper in her mouth, and after a while she shouted in a daze. Crying and laughing. Strong hold down Sheng Yu's three palace people can hardly hold her down, they increased their efforts, while reporting, "Princess, this woman seems to be stimulated by something, she, is not crazy?" The ten princesses curled their lips and stared at Sheng Yu in disgust. When she thought that this woman had occupied Ye Chaofei's heart and made her live as a widow for three years, she hated her very much. Ye Chaofei put her under house arrest in the imperial mausoleum in the name of filial piety for the late emperor. If she hadn't received a rumor that he had hidden a crucial woman by his side and openly went out in pairs in Ye's mansion and the palace, provoking Emperor Cen to fight against the North Pole and lead two hundred thousand troops to the south, he wouldn't have known how long he would have to lie to her. Ye Chaofei, he is heartless, she is not a vegetarian,Quillaja Saponin, want to trap her, not so easy! Lying on the ground, Sheng Yu groaned in pain and gradually lowered his voice. The ten princesses looked at her coldly and gritted their teeth. Isn't this woman a couple with Bei Zheng's little prince at the beginning? It turned out that it was just a shake. Thanks to her feeling so guilty about her, she wished she could use all her best things to compensate her. Unexpectedly, this witch turned out to be a two-faced and insidious villain. If this woman is not removed, she and Ye Chaofei will never have a chance! Ten princesses took back the eyes that stared at Sheng Yu mercilessly and turned to look at the long nails on their hands carelessly. "Didn't they make some honey cakes? How can there be no good wine with good cakes?"? Give the princess a pot of wine and tell her to drink it at once. Her maid frowned and hesitated, "Ten princesses, this,D BHB Factory, this is in the palace, if the Empress Dowager Ye knows.." The delicate jade palm, which was dyed with vermilion, was thrown over with a snap, and the maid's face was immediately marked with five red marks. The ten princesses shouted angrily, "Who did the Ye family depend on to get where they are today?!"! If this palace can lift them, it can destroy them! Do it to this palace! "Yes!" The palace people dared not persuade him any more, so they brought the wine and poured the whole pot into Sheng Yu's mouth. No, you can't do this to Mrs. Ye. The prime minister will blame us. He will kill us! The little maids were so anxious that they were dizzy. Ye Chaofei's love for Sheng Yu was so strong that all the people in the Winter Warm Pavilion saw it in their eyes. They dared not imagine that if Sheng Yu was poisoned by these people, what would happen to them by means of Ye Chaofei. Ten princesses are furious, "who is Mrs. Ye, here only this palace is open and aboveboard Mrs. Ye, this cheap maidservant, she is just a humble matchmaker!"! "Somebody, beat all these blind girls to death!" "Stop it!" Sheng Yu, who was exhausted on the ground, Nonoxynol 9 Factory ,L Methylfolate Factory, suddenly said, "Ah Shi, you, you stop!" She slowly raised her head, although there were tears on her face, but her expression had changed, and she was no longer confused and ignorant, and there was a faint momentum of self-respect without anger. Don't you just want me to die? Now, I am willing to drink this pot of poisonous wine, these ladies are witnesses, why for me such a civilian woman, dirty your hands, and make you and the son-in-law heart have a grudge? Ten, didn't your sister teach you before? Between husband and wife, fear is not the warbler outside the house, the most afraid, is each other, the heart of a thorn. ” She raised her eyebrows and smiled at the ten princesses. Her beautiful face was as beautiful as the spring flowers in April. "Do you want to call your sister the thorn that can never be pulled out in the hearts of your husband and wife?" The ten princesses looked at her coldly, and she wanted to see from her eyes whether she was sincere or not, but those eyes, which did not avoid looking at her, were empty and had no focus, and she could not see anything. Sheng Yu glanced at the corner of his eyes and smiled faintly on his lips. "Can't you see?"? My eyes are already blind, and I am a useless person. Being alive or dead is no different from me. The ten princesses thought silently and finally nodded. The palace people beside Sheng Yu immediately handed the flagon to her and threatened in a deep voice, "Don't make any plans!" Sheng Yu said with a smile, "There are so many of you holding me. What kind of idea can I come up with?" She sat on the ground, put the flagon in front of her, asked for a cup, fumbled and poured a cup. She looked up and said to Princess Shi with a smile, "Ah Shi, you and I haven't seen each other for many years since you got married. Ye Chaofei, has he treated you well?" The ten princesses remembered the coldness they had received over the years and became more and more resentful. They snorted coldly but did not answer. Sheng Yu sighed lightly, picked up the glass and turned it in the palm of his hand. "He treats me with affection," he said leisurely. You don't know that we used to be very close. I remember that at that time, he would climb over the back wall of my house in the middle of the night just to play a flute to send me to sleep. He was also willing to climb up the towering tree and pick a wild fruit in order to make me laugh. Later, because of you, I had to marry to Cen, Ye Chaofei has been remembered until now. As soon as your father died, he hurriedly sent a letter to Emperor Cen, saying that he would like to submit to the ten cities of the State of Zi and pay tribute to the State of Cen every year in exchange for my return. In this way, how much affection does he have for you after many years of marriage? Ten princesses in this life the biggest knot is Ye Chaofei, for him, what she did, midnight dream back, she did not even dare to think. She thought that he had always been enthusiastic about fame, and was very indifferent to emotional things. After all, for a long time, although he was not affectionate enough to her, he never flirted outside. Whenever he thought of this,Thyroid Powder Factory, his resentment towards him was a little less. But now, he found that it was all wrong. It was not that he was heartless to himself, but that he had all his feelings. Pouring it all on another woman. How can you call her that. pioneer-biotech.com


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