Zhiyanzhai's Re-evaluation of The Story of the Stone

After careful questioning, they all said that when they were beating the black cow, the thin child squeezed in and rescued the black cow.

When Zhou Rui's family heard this, they had already guessed the purpose of their visit. Just because her husband Zhou Rui fought to buy land in the past year, many of them had the strength of a dog. When I saw Granny Liu coming like this, I couldn't understand what she meant. [Jiaxu Shuangxing's comment: In this life, Zhou Rui and his wife are honest people who never forget their feelings.] Second, they should also show off their dignity. [Jiaxu Mei's comment: "Also want to show off" sentence is written in the latter part of the article, which also accompanies Fang Benxin's original intention.] Hearing this, he said with a smile, "Don't worry, grandma." The sincerity of Dayuan is coming. Is there anyone who doesn't teach you to see a true Buddha? [Jiaxu Shuangxing Jiapi: Good quarrel.] In theory, people come to reply, but it has nothing to do with me. We all have the same thing here: [Jiaxu side comment: slightly take the area of Rong Fu.] We men just rent the land in spring and autumn, and when we are free, we just take the young men out, and I just go out with my wife and grandmother. Because you are a relative of my wife, and you have come to me as a person, I will make an exception and send you a message. But there's only one thing that grandma doesn't know. We're not as good here as we were five years ago. Now his wife was not in charge of much, and she was the housekeeper of Second Daughter-in-law Lian. Who is this Second Daughter-in-law Lian? "It was my wife's niece, the daughter of my uncle,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, who was nicknamed Brother Feng." When Granny Liu heard this, she asked, "So it's him!"! Strange way, I said he was good that day. [Jiaxu Shuangxing Jiapi: I also said it was good.] In that case, I must see him again today. "That's natural," said Zhou Rui. Now the wife has a lot of things to worry about, and when a guest comes, those who can be pushed a little will be pushed over,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, and it is Miss Feng who will greet her. "I'd rather not meet my wife today, but I'd like to see him so that I can come here in vain." "Amitabha!" Said Granny Liu! It's all because of my sister-in-law's convenience. "What are you talking about?" Said Zhou Ruijia. As the saying goes, 'It is convenient to be with others, but convenient to be yourself.' It's just a word I said. What's the harm to me? As he spoke, he called the little girl to the inverted hall. [Jiaxu Shuangxing Jiapian: No confusion.] Quietly ask if there is a meal in the old lady's house. The little girl has gone. Here two people talk some gossip again. Granny Liu said, "Miss Feng is no more than twenty years old this year. It's rare for her to be such a capable family." When Zhou Rui heard this, he said, "My grandmother, I can't tell you.". Although this Feng girl is young, she is bigger than the world. Now the outstanding beauty is the same appearance, at least there are ten thousand minds. If you want to bet again, ten men who can speak will say that he can't. When you come back, you will believe it. It's just one thing. It's too strict to treat a servant. [Jiaxu Shuangxing Jiapi: a short sentence, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, the following text.] "As she spoke, the little girl came back and said," The old lady has finished serving dinner in her room, and Second Daughter-in-law is in her wife's room. When Zhou Rui's family heard this, they quickly got up and urged Granny Liu to say, "Go, go, go.". There is a gap for him to eat now. Let's go there first. If it is too late, there will be too many people to talk about. "If you rest and sleep again, there will be no more time." [Jiaxu Shuangxing Jiapian: Write about Ah Feng's industrious and miscellaneous, proud and precious, etc. Jiaxu Mei's comment: write about Ah Feng's diligence and so on, but it is an empty pen, so it is not committed in the following text. Meng Side Criticism: Those who are not personally on the scene do not know.] Then they all got off the Kang, cleaned their clothes, taught Baner a few words, and followed Zhou Rui's family to Jia Lian's residence. After arriving at the inverted hall, Zhou Rui's family placed Granny Liu there for a moment. She first passed the screen wall and entered the gate of the courtyard. Knowing that Xifeng had not yet come down, she first looked for one of Xifeng's confidants, the big maid of Tongfang. This is also an important person in the book. "Dream of Red Mansions" is not famous in the song, but I think it is also in the secondary volume. [Zhi Pi: Only by watching the list of police illusions can we know that Yu Yan is not wrong.] His name is Ping'er. Jiaxu Shuangxing Jiapian: The name is very true, but it is false if it is elegant. Zhou Rui's family first explained the original origin of Granny Liu, [Jiaxu Shuangxing clip comment: fine! Gai Ping'er didn't know she had this ear. He added, "I have come from afar to pay my respects today.". My wife had a regular meeting that day, and I couldn't see her today, so I brought him in. When Grandma came down, I answered carefully, and Grandma didn't want to blame me for my recklessness. When Pinger heard this, she made up her mind. "Tell them to come in and sit here first." [Jiaxu Shuangxing Jiepi: Dark Turbiner Identity. When Zhou Rui's family heard this, they went out and led the two of them into the courtyard. On the main room of Taiji, the little girl put up the scarlet felt curtain, "Jiaxu Double Line Clip: It's Winter." As soon as I entered the main room, I smelled a fragrant smell in my face. [Jiaxu Shuangxing Criticism: It's Granny Liu's nose.] He could not tell what the smell was, and his body seemed to be in the clouds. [Jiaxu Shuangxing Jiapian: It's Granny Liu's body.] Everything in the room dazzled and dazzled. Jiaxu Shuangxing Jiapian: It's Granny Liu's leader. Granny Liu just nodded and smacked her lips to recite the Buddha's name. Jiaxu Shuangxing Jiapi: The Six Words Are Done, How to Think About It? So they came to the room on the east side, where Jia Lian's daughter, the eldest sister, slept. [Jiaxu Shuangxing Jiepi: remember clearly.] Standing on the edge of the Kang, Pinger looked at Granny Liu and said, "Jiaxu wrote about the servant of a rich and powerful family." Only [Jiaxu double-line clip comment: word method.] Say hello and let me sit down. When Granny Liu saw that Pinger was covered with silk, with gold and silver, and that she looked beautiful and beautiful, [Jiaxu Shuangxing Jiapian: a brief comment from Granny Liu's mind is not the true story of Pinger.] I think it's Xifeng. [Jiaxu Shuangxing Jiepi: Bi Xiao.] Just as he was about to call her aunt, he suddenly saw that Zhou Rui's family called her Miss Ping,Thyroid Powder Factory, and that Pinger was driving Zhou Rui's family to call her Aunt Zhou. Only then did he realize that she was just a decent girl. So Granny Liu and Baner were put on the Kang, and Pinger and Zhou Rui sat on the edge of the Kang opposite the house, while the little girl poured tea to eat. pioneer-biotech.com


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