Dongda Monster Folklore Class

After careful questioning, they all said that when they were beating the black cow, the thin child squeezed in and rescued the black cow.

He seemed to smile softly, very lightly, with endless patience. "How many times have you asked me that?"? I'm really glad to see you from time to time. It's just, it's not the right time. He stretched out his hand, which was as dark as a black fog, to touch Sanning's face. Sanning retreated subconsciously, and the hand only touched her face lightly with its fingertips and then withdrew. Wait until I can have a real body. "What the hell are you talking about?" Sang Ning looked at the person in front of her in complete puzzlement, completely unaware that she had fallen into an endless cycle-every time she entered Mu Wenxin's consciousness, she would see this person, every time she left, she would be cleared of memory, and then once again she could not resist curiosity to explore Mu Wenxin's heart. She's going back and forth, over and over, over and over again. I will come to see you, but don't come again. This place filled with Yin Qi is not suitable for you. "Fill up with Yin Qi?"? What did you do to Wenxin's body? Unfortunately, the man did not answer her and pushed her out of Mu Wenxin's consciousness again. Sang Ning was in a trance and opened his eyes with an inexplicable face. As soon as I opened my eyes and looked up, I met Hua Yuzhan's squinting eyes, which was probably not a good thing. Sang Ning tried very hard to think about what the situation was now, although she did not come up with it, but how to look at it is that she should be guilty. Sang Ning slowly,Theobromine Powder, slowly took her hand off Mu Wenxin's hand-when did she have this habit of spying on others? Why doesn't she remember? Hua Yuzhan's eyes looked at her several times, so that she could hardly sit still. Then she asked slowly, "Have you seen anything good?" "No, no." How can she explain to teacher Hua that she really doesn't have that kind of hobby! But she was caught at the scene, but she didn't know anything at all, which was very sad! Does she also have the problem of sleepwalking? Hua Yuzhan looked leisurely but her eyes were like torches. After looking at her carefully, it seemed that she really didn't see anything. Then she raised the corners of her mouth and said half threateningly, "Do Mu Wenxin know that you peep at other people's hearts like this?" Sang Ning is startled at a draught,Sex Enhancement Powder, this should not be the rhythm that should make a snitch! If Mu Wenxin knew that she had the ability to spy on people's hearts and peep at her memories while she was sleeping, how could she be friends in the future! Teacher Hua, don't tell Wenxin! I will never do that again! What on earth is she obsessed with! How could you do such a thing? Hua Yuzhan leaned lazily on the back of the chair behind him, a lazy and leisurely posture, like a cat waiting to be scratched- "If you don't want me to say anything, come and bribe me." “……” Sang Ning tears, when will teacher Hua return to normal! Hua Yuzhan seemed to be in a good mood when she left the room. Qu Xiaolu, who had brought Sang Ning breakfast, went to the door and asked, "Is Mu Wenxin all right?"? Is Sang Ning in the mood to eat? Mention Mu Wenxin, Hua Yuzhan's smile at the corners of her mouth has disappeared, "Mu Wenxin can't stay, take her away from Sang Ning." …… At the beginning of consciousness, he seems to be just a touch of chaos mixed in other people's thoughts. He doesn't know who he is, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,Heme Iron Polypeptide, why he's here, or where he is. He just passively follows the line of sight that perhaps should be the "host" to see the ordinary and busy life outside, to hear the bustling world outside, but he is like a floating in the vast sea, watching and listening without his own thinking, just drifting with the tide. I do not know when he gradually began to notice a girl, in his line of sight only this girl so different, as if shining, even if there are more people in the crowd, he can see her at a glance. He wanted to see more and reach out to touch her, but he could not control the body, so he could only seize every opportunity for the "host" to approach her to feel and think-who is she? Who are you? He heard the host call her Sang Ning and knew that the host's name was Mu Wenxin. He began to slowly try to influence her thoughts with his own ideas, so that "Mu Wenxin" could stay with Sang Ning for a while, want to take care of her, want to protect her, and unconsciously exert a subtle influence on the thoughts of "Mu Wenxin". But he can not be satisfied with this, he wants to move, want to have an autonomous body, not just in the body of others. When the dormitory was filled with Yin Qi, he found that although the host Mu Wenxin looked very uncomfortable, he bathed in it and felt a little bit of strength waking up. The monster's law of the jungle is an instinct, so he also instinctively knows that as long as he can swallow these things, he can be stronger. But the reality is that the ghosts gathered in piles are not what he can swallow now, and if he exposes himself easily, he will be swallowed by them. He would not act rashly, just waiting for the opportunity, but he did not expect to wait for Sanning-of course, he would not mind going with Sanning, as long as he could accompany her, other things can find another opportunity. So he came to the home of "Teacher Hua", and his consciousness revived in Mu Wenxin's heart for a long time, but this was the first time he had faced him so closely. Looking at his face, his eyes, the things that had been precipitated for thousands of years revived in his heart for a moment-it was also his face, his voice, like seeing a mirror, he remembered who he was for a moment! Although the memory is only a few intermittent fragments, it does not prevent him from remembering his identity, the disgusting truth. The man in front of us is the famous Jiaoyao Yuzhan in the demon world, and he is a tailbone that Jiaoyao Yuzhan pulled out of his body a thousand years ago. He's just, one of his bones.. Sang Ning was awakened from a nightmare. When he woke up, he was covered with a cold sweat, but he could not remember what he had dreamed. There seems to be Mu Wenxin, the skeleton in the storeroom, and a man who can't see his face at all. She did not know what she was afraid of,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, but felt inexplicable fear, which was immediately soothed by the aroma of breakfast. She was in the Hua residence, and Mu Wenxin had been sent back to school.


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