God King of the Ten Directions Author: Sleepy Dragon ( [Fantasy Novel])

After careful questioning, they all said that when they were beating the black cow, the thin child squeezed in and rescued the black cow.

With a bang, Lin Tian took a step back with a loud noise. In the right hand, the four-elephant road map is smashed directly. This makes Lin Tian heart shock, this Li Guhuang, beyond imagination strong, almost comparable to Tongxian strong! "What do you mean?" He has a calm face. Li Guhuang looked indifferent and did not open his mouth, but raised his hand and pressed down another sword light. With a clang, the void twisted directly, and the hot air made the air hiss. Lin Tian felt the tremendous pressure and directly propped up the Shenming Hall and headed for the front. Boom! The two collided with each other and immediately sent out an astonishing roar. In the end, only the light of the fire interweaved in the sky and scattered little by little. Blue chariot side, two beast eyes show the color of surprise, looking at Lin Tian, its age is about seventeen or eighteen years old, but unexpectedly can block their master's two strokes to kill the sword! You know, their master is the body of the sun king, ah, today's cultivation is at the peak of the seven levels of the imperial sky, even some ordinary strong immortals are no match. Li Guhuang's eyes were indifferent, and one side of the Great Light God's halberd appeared and rushed up from behind, shining brightly. The magical power of the Li family, wear the halberd! Someone exclaimed. The light halberd manifests, the power is peerless, as if to crush everything. Lin Tian frowned and really felt the horror of Li Guhuang, like an ancient magic mountain. The next day, in the same generation, he had seen Bai Ziqi and fought against him, but he had never felt such a terrible breath on the two of them. Staring at Li Guhuang, he felt that this man seemed to be able to slay the strong Tongxian. Terrible! The pressure was enormous, but he was not afraid. Hum! The Four Elephants Road Map came together again, and at the same time, he urged several kinds of celestial deities, such as the Desolate Heaven, Shenming Temple,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, Jiuquan Sword, Honghuang Mountain and Baozhong, to move together and guard the southeast and northwest. With a crash, the piercing halberd pressed down. The halberd was aimed at Lin Tian, and the dazzling light was interwoven in ten directions, which was appalling. Lin Tian was fearless and greeted him with the Jiuquan Sword. At that moment, a demon light rushed across between the two men. He stepped over step by step and stared at Li Guhuang coldly: "He is my prey!" Li Guhuang looked at Po Cang and opened his mouth for the first time: "Desolate demon body, retreat." In the face of the son of the demon clan, Li Guhuang's face was still cold, as if he were just looking at an ordinary monk. The king said that he was the king's prey! Po Cang Leng Lie Road. On one side, Lin Tian stared at the two men, his eyes shining. Li Guhuang no longer said anything, Chuantian halberd once again condensed out, at the same time toward Lin Tian and broken Cang pressure. Beat two by one! Lin Tian's eyes were cold, and several kinds of gods rushed out at the same time. Roar! Broken Cang roared, silver hair dancing, gray demon light tearing heaven and earth, Kava Root Extract ,Glucono Delta Lactone, unexpectedly directly toward Li Guhuang to kill. Behind Li Guhuang rushed up a mirror-like treasure, which refracted the light and directly shook the broken sky back. Later, Li Guhuang reached out his big hand, and a huge handprint appeared, tearing apart several celestial phenomena and heading for Lin Tian's suppression. Boom! The void trembles and is very terrible. Lin Tian retreated, frowning deeply. This Li Guhuang, Zhenyuan has been tempered to a terrible extent, there is almost no fluctuation of Zhenyuan attributes. He quickly made the seal, then unfolded the seal of the four images, and urged it to the limit, facing Li Guhuang's Mahamudra. Eventually, the two collide and make a hissing sound. Bang! Lin Tian flew upside down, only feeling the blood gas in his body churning, and the blood seemed to gush out. Li Guhuang eyes flashed a touch of cold awn, obviously did not think Lin Tian can break his magic hand, a little meal, he shot again, is still the same big handprint toward Lin Tian pressure. This is the king's prey! A cold drink sounded. Po Cang ascended the void and propped up the desolate world. The prehistoric mountains manifested themselves, and the monsters roared together. Li Guhuang's Mahamudra was crushed in an instant. Breaking the sky and facing the void, the desolate heaven shakes and devours everything. The real desolate demon kingdom is not comparable to the divine image evolved by Lin Tian with the magic of heaven. In a twinkling of an eye, Po Cang was forced to approach Li Guhuang, and the desolate world pressed down directly. This "Desolate Demon Body, and the Sun Body of the Li Family." "Is this going to be a real Wang Ti duel?!" All the monks were surprised. Many people stared at the void, and all of them showed their eyes. The duel between Wang Ti is rarely seen! Lin Tian's eyes narrowed slightly, his left hand shook, took out the golden bow, at the same time, his right hand shook, five red golden arrows appeared, steadily aimed at Li Guhuang's head. Whew! "Whew!" "Whew!" The sound of breaking the sky echoed, and five golden arrows pierced the sky like five lightning bolts rushing toward Li Guhuang. OK OK Terrible arrows! I have palpitations. Five arrows, each weighing more than ten pounds, with Lin Tian's powerful body and vigorous Zhenyuan, can be called a devastating killing arrow, making the space a burst of roar, it seems that the next moment will be completely broken. Five red gold arrows were fired, but Lin Tian never stopped. He opened his bow again and fired thirty-six red gold arrows in a row. Keng! Thirty-six golden arrows combined into a large array, attacking Li Guhuang from all directions. All of a sudden, the extremely fierce killing power manifested, which shocked many monks. Master, be careful! A beast opens its mouth. Li Guhuang in the face of the desolate heaven, at this time there are dozens of red arrows rushed, almost facing a kind of killing, but his face is no change, the body a shock, suddenly there is a large streamer spread out. Ka! "Ka!" "Ka!" The arrows shot by Lin Tian were broken, and all of them were broken in the air. At the same time, Li Guhuang rushed up another pole of divine light behind him, interwoven with the glory of immortality, and shook back ten Zhangs of the courtyard. Slant head, Li Guhuang stared at Lin Tian in front of him, stepped to Lin Tian for the first time, and pressed down with one hand. Lin Tian snorted coldly,S Adenosyl Methionine, raised his hand and paddled, evolving a bloody crack. Vaguely, the sound of a fierce ghost roaring came from it. Boom! 。 pioneer-biotech.com


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