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The long Milky Way, like a charming jade belt, lay in front of Tang Linglong, and she was shocked! Oneself Came to the universe?? Suddenly, a bright light lit up beside Tang Linglong, and a snow-white rabbit appeared in front of Tang Linglong.

The long Milky Way, like a charming jade belt, lay in front of Tang Linglong, and she was shocked! Oneself Came to the universe?? Suddenly, a bright light lit up beside Tang Linglong, and a snow-white rabbit appeared in front of Tang Linglong. [Tang Linglong, come with me, let's simulate!] The rabbit spoke. Tang Linglong's eyes widened, and the rabbit's voice turned out to be Yin Yu's! Come on, don't lose your head. This is the manipulator mind simulation platform. You follow me. The rabbit said and ran out, and the lamp behind him lit up with dazzling white light! Watching the white rabbit scurrying away, Tang Linglong hurriedly followed, and found that his speed was as fast as a rocket! What's going on here? But Tang Linglong did not have time to think carefully, because the white rabbit Yin Xue suddenly jumped over again. [All the scenes are set according to the real scene of the Black Gold Nebula, with the meteorite belt in front and then inside..] [Is it a large nuclear silo?] Tang Linglong asked. [Exactly!] Yin Yu answered, she suddenly froze for a moment, then tilted the rabbit's head. No need to move on. I just received the news that the military's selection list has come out. Let's go quickly! [Huh?] Before Tang Linglong could react, the connection was cut off,filter nozzle, the helmet rose, and Yin Yu took her hand and ran out. The two men went to another hall, where a number of lists were already scrolling on the screen. Tang Linglong? Someone called her. As soon as she looked back, Captain Maria stood behind her. Tang Linglong, as a military technician, you are assigned to the military list. Go and check the list yourself. Maria said with an expressionless face and turned to leave. Wait a minute, Captain Maria. Tang Linglong ran after him. "There are too many lists. Can you tell me which part to look for?" "Third screen." Maria answered smoothly. Tang Linglong hurriedly looked at the third screen,multi disc screw press, and sure enough, she saw her name at a glance, and was stunned for two seconds, her eyes wide open. Staff Sergeant, Black Gold Nebula Technical Center, YH-7 Company, Third Troop?! Did you read it right? Staff Sergeant? "What do you think?" Maria glanced at Tang Linglong. "Five hours ago, you were promoted to sergeant. Fifteen minutes ago, you were promoted to staff sergeant. It was the promotion order issued by the first command office." "But.." But it's too fast! Tang Linglong stammered exclamation, even two levels?? Good Heavens- Maria turned around. "I hear you're from the Special Forces Brigade?" She asked. Uh. Yes Tang Linglong nodded like garlic. I thought the special forces brigade would be used to promotion. Maria then turned and walked away for fear of being pestered by Tang Linglong. The latter, with a tangled expression on his face, looked back at the big screen in disbelief and stared at his name. She looked down again, opened her eyes wide for the second time, MBR reactor ,lamella tube, and felt as if the whole sky had been struck by a thunderbolt! The name of the thunderstorm is also in?? As the saying goes, it's not that enemies don't get together. Tang Linglong thought it was the truth! It is a mixed blessing that he has changed from a corporal to a staff sergeant, although it is not clear what is going on, and it is worrying that Thunderstorm has also been selected as the operator of the technical center to deal with the large-scale nuclear warehouse project. There are so many talented people in the Chinese United Military, can't the superior change someone? Tang Linglong grumbled and sat in the hall waiting for the arrival of a group of soldiers. She wanted to do something else now, but the order of the technical center was that all the manipulators should stay here and gather, and Yin Yu was in charge. Seeing Tang Linglong's appearance of wandering in the sky, Yin Yu went over and patted her on the shoulder. Don't worry, Lieutenant Thunderstorm. They'll be here in a minute. It's not that far. Yin Yu thought Tang Linglong was worried about her boss. She narrowed her eyes and looked at Tang Linglong with satisfaction. "Oh, it's true that your company is very United!" Tang Linglong choked to death on the spot when she heard it! My God.. She really wanted to take the toolbox to open Yin Yu's head, to see what was inside, Yin Yu in the end is where to see that he is worried about the thunderstorm that guy?? Endure the impulse to vomit blood, raise a reluctant expression, Tang Linglong mouth twitches to Yin Yu smile. Miss Yin Yu, you're right. I'm really worried about the company commander. Worry about thunderstorms. Have a safe journey. That's bad luck! "Oh, don't think too much. Look at the time. They should be coming soon!" Yin Yu's eyes are shining with stars. Tang Linglong wanted to faint. Holding her chin, she continued to sit in place and wait. In fact, many people from the military came in one after another. There were men and women among them. Tang Linglong was dressed as a researcher, so no soldier recognized her as a member of the military. About ten minutes later, the door opened again, and Yin Yu, who was sitting in front of Tang Linglong, suddenly stood up excitedly, and his eyes turned into shining sapphires in an instant. So without even thinking about it, Tang Linglong knew that a thunderstorm was coming. Sure enough, Yin Yu walked quickly over, or she was slow to jump up, yes, it was the action of jumping. "Yin Yu's voice was so crisp that everyone had a headache. Of course, not to mention the thunderstorm in the" epicenter ", as soon as he entered the door, he saw a group of water-blue things blowing on his face, and then endured a circle of harsh cries from the dark wind, the whole person was almost broken!"! Just as he flashed, Yin Yu threw himself on him. "Lieutenant Thunderstorm, you're so slow!" She acts like a spoiled child in a coquettish voice. The thunderstorm wanted to take the Tang Dao in his hand and cut his own throat. Suddenly, he heard a shallow laugh. Following the sound, he saw a slightly thin girl in a white researcher's dress, covering her mouth and trembling over there. That's Tang Linglong. Seeing Tang Linglong looking at a joke, the thunderstorm's expression immediately became serious. Eyes sank, "what a coincidence,lamella clarifer, Tang Linglong, you are also here?" Tang Linglong put away her smile and walked up with a reluctant look on her face. "Hello, sir." She said.

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