Floating Life Story Complete

The long Milky Way, like a charming jade belt, lay in front of Tang Linglong, and she was shocked! Oneself Came to the universe?? Suddenly, a bright light lit up beside Tang Linglong, and a snow-white rabbit appeared in front of Tang Linglong.

Lu Azang looked at "him" squatting in his arms, bleeding on his left shoulder. Fortunately, the Dryad had taught him a very useful escape technique, otherwise, she and he would soon become victims of blood and silver bullets. Walking in the woods at night, she did not know the direction and walked around with a lingering fear. It seems that there has never been a business as awkward as this one. He was seriously wounded by blood and silver bullets, but fortunately he was not hit in the head, otherwise, the immortals could not be saved. Lu Azang himself did not know where he was going now. She doesn't even know where she is now! Do you want to find a place for your employer to recover from the injury first, otherwise, who will pay you? Her hand touched the square white box in her pocket. It was his thing, which had just fallen out as he changed back into his original body, and although she still did not know what the mystery of the blue rhombus was that was worth all his trouble, she would keep it well for him. She has always been a monster with professional ethics. Just as I was thinking about it, something flashed through the bushes in front of me. Before she could see what was going on, the trees in front of her suddenly shook violently, and two ferocious-looking boar spirits came out from behind the trees and pushed her to the ground in two or three strokes. She didn't even have time to shout out,Rotating sludge scraper, a cold metal object touched her forehead, white light flashed, her body was soft, even her eyes were not closed, she lost all consciousness. [9] Fortunately, she didn't wake up in a belt or hoop that tightly bound her whole body after being knocked out by a pervert like in a horror movie. She was awakened by Chopin's Nocturne. The bright halo swayed overhead, and the pale and sharp light reminded her of the shadowless lamp in the operating room. She was lying on a large,Belt Filter Press, comfortable white sofa, free to move, with sound limbs and not even a scratch. I like this song Nocturne. It reminds me of my hometown and many lost memories. A voice of vicissitudes of life sounded opposite her. The emaciated man, wearing a mask she knew all too well and an old-fashioned pocket watch on his chest, sat at a piano. The fingers, which do not look perfect, move back and forth skillfully on the black and white keys. Beneath him, instead of a comfortable piano stool, was a wheelchair. The room is so big that any sound echoes. Because of this unique "accompaniment", the beautiful sound of the piano reveals a strange temptation. In the room, only she and the piano player were alive, as well as an injured grey rabbit crawling at the feet of the piano player. Other than that, Lamella Plate Settler ,rapid sand filters, there is only a sofa and a piano. The eyes are white and clean, not like the place on the earth. Lu Azang sat up and shrank toward the corner of the sofa. She's still Charlotte, and she'll never forget that. Miss Charlotte. The sound of the harp suddenly stopped, and the masked face turned to her. "Oh, no, Miss Lu Azang, a rare species in the monster, Wuxiang." It seems that this is the first time that his identity has been discovered by outsiders before the contract expires. Lu Azang heaved a sigh of relief, straightened up, climbed down from the sofa, and applauded: "You played the nocturne well." "Thank you." The man nodded to her, and there was a faint laugh under the mask. "I can only play this one." "It shows that you are very single-minded." Lu Azang got up and looked at the rabbit at his feet. "Now that you know my identity, you should understand that I am just a substitute for collecting money. I have no other value except to play someone else.". You didn't do a very good job of bringing me here. Of course, I have no interest in your identity. But I hope you don't hurt the rabbit for a while, because it hired me. I don't want anything to go wrong with it until I get my money. "I like people who are straightforward." He pressed the button on the wheelchair, and the wheelchair automatically turned and moved toward Lu Azang, stopping less than a meter away from her. "Aren't you afraid at all?" Afraid? She concluded from his scent that he was a genuine human being. Monsters are not afraid of humans, unless they are very powerful hunters. The man in front of her did not have the benefit of the hunter, and she even smelled a real vulnerability. What's more, she is invisible and immortal. No one can take away her life, no matter how powerful the monster, no matter how powerful the hunter, can not kill a Wuxiang. There's only one way to let her die. But she believes that this should never happen. She still cherishes her life and thinks it's good to live like this. It's a little boring to live for hundreds of thousands of years. But she's used to it. She is not used to exploring the meaning of life like many great people. For her, living is to be able to breathe, to see, to listen, and to pass the boring time with different identities. What reason would she have to fear a human in a wheelchair? No matter what strong background she has behind her. If you want to tell me where I am now and what you want me to come here for, I'm willing to listen. Lu Azang smiled. "Anyway, my contract hasn't expired yet. I'm still Charlotte, your hostage." "Do you ever resent yourself?" The man suddenly asked, "If there is an opportunity for everyone to stand on the same starting line, there is no difference between healthy and unhealthy, smart and not smart, beautiful and not beautiful, no rich or poor, no rank, everyone is the same, everything is fair.." All things are equal. Do you think this is good? Lu Azang pursed her lips for a long time. She hung her head and said with a smile, "Of course it's good.". But that's just an ideal like a soap bubble. Everything in the world can't be on a fair starting line from the beginning. "Come." The man took off his leather gloves and held out his hand to her. It was skinny. Lu Azang held his hand, like holding a cold dry bone,rapid sand filters, which would bring a nightmare to people, but there was a strange power. The wheelchair moved toward the east wall, and Lu Azang followed him slowly. He took out a remote control the size of a U disk from his bosom and pressed it down. khnwatertreatment.com

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