Prehistoric World Leader Tongtian

The long Milky Way, like a charming jade belt, lay in front of Tang Linglong, and she was shocked! Oneself Came to the universe?? Suddenly, a bright light lit up beside Tang Linglong, and a snow-white rabbit appeared in front of Tang Linglong.

Apart from anything else, Ji Chang's concubine Tai Nu alone gave birth to ten sons for Ji Chang, plus other concubines and maids, Ji Chang's old stallion had ninety-nine sons, which still did not include his daughter. Among the ten sons born by Tai Nu, the eldest son Ji Kaobo Yi Kao, the second son Ji, and the fourth son Ji Dan all had outstanding talents in politics. At this time, although the Shang Dynasty had already put forward the system of succession of the eldest son, the royal family of the Shang Dynasty had not been able to fully implement this system, let alone those princes who wanted to sing a different tune. At least, on the Xiqi side, there is no clear legal provision for the eldest son to succeed to the throne. Therefore, Ji Kao's position as prince is not very reliable. Especially, Ji Chang died so suddenly that he didn't have time to make a will. But before the big revenge, Bo Yi Kao also really can not justifiably inherit his father Ji Chang's title, as for the emperor, it is even more unrealistic. Therefore, Ji Kao needs a big victory too much to stabilize his position as prince! So, after a little hurried preparation, Boyi test will lead hundreds of chosen men, the water is closed. And the Shang Dynasty, although also in a hurry to prepare for war, but after all, prepared earlier than Xiqi. The former emperors of the Shang Dynasty were always wary of Xiqi, so they built five checkpoints on the way to Xiqi, including Linhuang Pass, Huangguan Pass, Chuanyun Pass, Jiepai Pass and Jishui Pass. Each checkpoint was heavily guarded Rao is so, Shang Huang is still not at ease, and in the closest to the direction of the alborada pass Linhuang pass, left direction built a green dragon pass, right hand direction built a dream pass, the three are horns of each other, together constitute the most barrier from the west to the alborada. As for Tong To the east, the most important checkpoint leading to the territory of Dongbo Marquis is only the Wandering Soul Pass; to the south, on the way to the territory of Nanbo Marquis, there is only one main checkpoint, called Sanshan Pass Closest to the direction of Western technology, the first of the five passes is the Sishui Pass. And Sishuiguan ZongBing, named Han Rong This Han Rong, is a guy who has no sense of existence, as a general soldier, this fellow does not have any special skills, force value, intelligence value, political value and all other attributes are not very high,rotary vacuum disc filters, but its hidden attributes, lucky value, or quite good. This Han Rong has a general, known as the seven will, named Yu Hua, good to make a pole day halberd, have the courage of ten thousand men. Moreover, this remaining, but also quite a bit of history, and learned a strange door of the art of a stick to kill the soul banner, specifically hurt the soul, although not to beat people to ashes, can be used to bully a mortal warrior, but also more than enough. At this time, the so-called God of destiny has not yet come out of the mountains, and all the stars have not grown up. As for Xiqi, at present, it seems that there is no one who can help, so, a very tragic thing was born. When Nangongshi and Xin Jia, led twenty thousand troops in a murderous manner to Sishuiguan, is to meet the rest of the battle array of general. Although in the western technology, Nangongshi is known as the first brave general, but also has the courage of ten thousand men, fine bubble diffuser ,wall penstocks, but compared to Yu Hua, it is slightly worse. When the two armies go to war, the first cheek is naturally a single combat between military commanders. General Nangongshi of Western Technology, whose force value was barely close to ninety, met Yu Hua, a big merchant whose force value was in his early nineties. Although there is a difference in force value, the gap is not big, so, in theory, both sides have the probability of winning, and the difference is only 20%, but this 20% of the probability, but almost took the life of Nangongshi. Just after dozens of rounds of fighting, and even, the rest of the skill of killing the soul banner has not had time to display, that Nangong Shi was cut in the shoulder by the rest of a halberd, almost cut off the entire right shoulder, but Nangong Shi had to flee in defeat. The box, the rest of the see the enemy will be defeated, hurriedly army to kill. Xiqi, see the leader of the so-called Xiqi the first warrior Nangong general were defeated, behind the small soldiers are naturally frightened, this will see the enemy killed up again, under the heart of fear, also do not resist, throw away weapons and run away. That Xin Jia shouted for a long time, also can't stop the defeat of their own army, seems to have been the other side of the vicious military commanders stare at the suspicion, under the fear, Xin Jia also had to hide in the group of routed soldiers, run with them. Yu Hua beheaded and captured numerous Xiqi soldiers, and captured a large number of heavy armor before returning triumphantly. That Nangongshi fled all the way, ran for more than half a day, until it was confirmed that the rear had no pursuers, just slowly gathered the routed troops under a count, Nangongshi is now, the original twenty thousand vanguard battalion, now has less than two thousand people, and all dusty and even, even weapons, armor, are basically still light. Bad start, Nangongshi dejected waiting for nearly two days of kung fu, Ji Kao finally led the army slowly to the vanguard thief defeat, Ji Kao heart extremely uncomfortable. Have the intention of nangongshi the escape general operation to behead to be military discipline, however, this fellow is Ji Chang when the old minister, even can be said to be a lonely minister, because Ji Chang to alborada before, is the civil and military affairs were entrusted to the scattered Yisheng and nangongshi two people. Moreover, the current situation, Xiqi also does not have a higher value of force than Nangong. So, despite the heart of all kinds of uncomfortable, Ji Kao still had to forgive the crime of Nangong, and even encouraged, hope that general Nangong can make a contribution, and so on. Marching nearly two days of kung fu, Ji Kao led hundreds of troops, finally slowly opened to the water shut down. This box, Ji Kao just ready to set up camp, that side of the water is a drum, and then, a Biao but more than ten thousand people will come out of the mighty kill. "Ji Kao children, come to die," the front of the Biao people, Yu Hua riding a beast with golden eyes, swaggering loudly scolded the array. Being named by name, Ji Kao is not a military general with a professional background, but he can't even show his face! After a little thought, Ji Kao, surrounded by more than ten generals such as Tai Dian and Boudoir Tian, as well as the thirty-six confidants of the Ji family, urged him to come forward and answer with Yu yuan. In the concept of Ji Kao, the two armies, should first come to a sense of justice on the debate,fine bubble diffuser, whether reasonable or not, must first put the momentum, let oneself stand on the moral high ground.

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