Queen of the Scourge (Queen of the Damned) _ Anne Rice

Some powerful pain drove Jiexi mad. Just think, it is inevitable to be driven away from all real things, but it is intolerable to say that all real things may be swept away.

Some powerful pain drove Jiexi mad. Just think, it is inevitable to be driven away from all real things, but it is intolerable to say that all real things may be swept away. During her time in Teramasca, she had witnessed elves and unappeasable ghosts, mischievous spirits that might frighten people, and superhuman beings who could unconsciously speak alien languages. She had always known that the supernatural could never shake nature, and Macht was absolutely right. The supernatural has nothing to do with nature and cannot interfere with it. However, all these will be shaken at this time, and the non-reality has become real. It was strange to be in this room, and it was impossible to say to the unmoved figures of these immortals, No, it can't happen. The thing called "Mother Queen" woke up from the other side of the curtain, separated her from the human race long ago, and touched the souls of thousands of human beings. What does Kaiman see when he looks at her? As if he knew her well. Did he see his daughter through Jiexi? "Yes," said Kaiman, "my daughter. Don't be afraid, Makai will come here to complete her curse, and the great family will continue to pass on. "When I knew my mother was coming back,automated warehouse systems, I didn't know she was going to do it," Macht said. I can't really question her: she destroyed her own offspring, the evil that spread from her — Kaiman, myself, and all the immortals who created new species out of loneliness. Do we have a right to live? Do we have the right to enjoy this immortal life? After all, we are the product of accident, the embodiment of terror. Even though I am greedily eager to continue my life,medium duty racking, I can't justifiably accuse her of killing so many of her own kind. "She will slaughter more!" Eric sputtered. Now even the great family is under threat. "The world belongs to human beings, and she plans to build another one for herself," Macht said. Unless "Makai will come," Kaiman said with the purest of smiles. "She will finish the curse. I made her that way, so she will end the curse on us all. Macht's smile was very different. It was sad, doting, and eerily cold. You believe so much in the symmetry of what's outside and what's inside, Kaiman. "Every one of us will die!" Eric said. There must be some way to kill her and keep us alive. "We have to come up with a plan," Capri said grimly. "You can't change the prophecy." Kaiman whispered. Kaiman, if we've learned anything in the long run, it's that there is no such thing as fate or prophecy. "Makai came because she wanted to come, or maybe because that's all she wants to do or can do right now," Marius said. But that doesn't mean Arkochi can't defend himself. Do you think your mother doesn't know she's back! Does the queen mother not know her children's dreams? "But predictions can self-actualization, push back racking system ,pallet rack shelving," Kaiman said. "That's the magic of them. The power of enchantment is the power of will. You could say that in those dark ages we were able psychologists. We were killed by the blueprints of other people's wills. And those dreams, Marius, those dreams were just part of the great design. "Don't talk as if you've already done it," Macht said. "We have another powerful tool: reason. We can use reason, after all, this thing can also speak. She understands other people's words, and maybe we can make her "" "Oh, you're really crazy!" Eric said, "I want to talk to the thing that travels around the world and incinerates its offspring!" As time went by, he grew more and more afraid: "How can this thing, which only incites ignorant women to rebel against their men, know reason?"? All she knows is carnage, death and violence, and you said yourself that that's the only thing she understands. Macht, how many times have you told me that we're just moving towards being more fully ourselves? "None of us want to die, Eric." Macht said patiently, but she seemed to be preoccupied by some sound. At the same moment, Kaiman also felt it, and Jiexi tried to observe the phenomenon she understood from them. Then she noticed a subtle change in Marius, and Alec was petrified. She was surprised to find Mayil staring at her instead. They all hear some kind of sound, and that's why their eyes move with it, trying to absorb the sound and capture its source. Suddenly Eric said, "Young people had better go to the basement for shelter." "It's no use." "Besides, I want to be here," Capri said. She couldn't hear, but she tried to listen. Eric turned to Macht. "Are you going to let her kill us one by one?" Macht did not answer, but slowly turned to the spot. Jiexi finally heard the voice. It is absolutely impossible for human beings to hear, which is similar to the tension without wavelength, flowing through every part of her body and every entity in the room. It was disturbing, and although she saw Macht and Kaiman talking, she could not hear their voices. She knew it was stupid, but she covered her ears with her hands and vaguely saw Daniel do the same. Both of them knew that it was of no use. The sound seemed to freeze all the time and rhythm, and Jiexi almost lost her sense of balance and had to lean against the wall. She looked at the map in front of her, as if she wanted to support herself with this thing, and the soft light flowed between Asia Minor and the north and south. Some sort of vague, sonic commotion filled the room. The sound had died away, but the air was still suffocating. As if walking in a dream, she saw the vampire Lister appear in the doorway, saw him rush into Capri's arms, and saw Louis run to hug him. Then she saw Liszt looking at herself: lightning images sweeping through, funerals,shuttle rack system, twins, bodies on the altar. God, he doesn't know what that means. kingmoreracking.com

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