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Tianshi Daozun sighed helplessly and said, "Hailong, you can't be too greedy.". This stone is the symbol of Tianshi Peak, which can only be held by the people in charge of Tianshi Peak in the past Dynasties.

Le Tong naturally doesn't care, she usually doesn't have a good relationship with her classmates, what's more, she seldom comes to school, some of them probably forget her, she naturally doesn't expect to be able to integrate into their circle. After class, Le Tong went to the food street behind the school. She had inquired about it before. There was a dessert that was very delicious. She had been staying in the brokerage company at ordinary times. She was pressed by the two brothers and sisters of the Qin family to exercise in the gym. She could not even eat a decent meal, let alone a high-calorie dessert. Anyway, the brothers and sisters of the Qin family were not here. She would not be found if she went to eat secretly. Just as Le Tong was happily walking to the dessert house, a man suddenly jumped out from behind her, quickly covered her mouth and dragged her back to the dark. Um. Well.. Things happened so suddenly that Le Tong was so confused that he could only hold each other's hands by instinct. Xiao Ziheng looked around like a thief and seemed to see no one. Finally, he breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, they didn't come after him. He was scared to death just now. He said apologetically to Le Tong, "As long as you promise me not to make a sound, I will let you go, OK?" Listening to this man's tone is not like a bad person, Le Tong hesitated for a while and nodded. As soon as Xiao Ziheng let go of his hand,Magnesium Oxide price, Le Tong jumped out a few steps away, breathing heavily, and looked warily at the man in front of him. He was wearing a hat, a mask, and black clothes at night. He was not a good man at first sight. He would not want to rob money and sex! Le Tong thought of this fear of the legs are trembling, how can she be so back, is not out to steal food! Just to get to the dessert room quickly,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, she took the path! As for letting her be punished so severely! International movie king vs. third-rate female star [22] Xiao Ziheng looked at Le Tong like a frightened deer, eyes full of fear, some embarrassed, opened his mouth to explain, "I am Xiao Ziheng, just embarrassed." Le Tong was dizzy by his sudden apology. What kind of God is this? How can a robber announce himself? But how can the name be so familiar? She looked up at the man, "You said you were Xiao Ziheng?" Xiao Ziheng found that he was disguised like this, someone recognized him, his tone was full of pride, "Yes, I am Xiao Ziheng, how do you know me?" "I don't know." Le Tong perceived that the man had no malice towards her, calcium nitrate sol ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, and his spirit relaxed, and his tone became very natural. Xiao Ziheng listened to Le Tong's answer and was somewhat disappointed. However Le Tong deliberately hung his appetite and saw Xiao Ziheng looking at her expectantly. "The name is very familiar. Are you a singer?" "I'm a singer. I just came back from M country. I felt very hungry after I got off the plane. I heard that there was a delicious food street here. So I dumped my agent and ran here to find food. I didn't expect to be blocked by fans. Then in order to avoid them, I hid here. But I got lost and didn't know how to get out. I just saw you passing by. I shouted out for fear of being found by fans." So I had to cover your mouth and drag you in. Le Tong has not asked, Xiao Ziheng on the whole of his own things are said, can only say that this is really a simple person. So that's it. Then I'll take you out. Le Tong finished then took the lead in going out, Xiao Ziheng had wanted to ask if it was safe outside, but looking at Le Tong has gone, he can only swallow the words back, hesitated for a long time or choose to follow the girl out. Le Tong took Xiao Ziheng out of the alley. When she arrived at the intersection, she turned to Xiao Ziheng and said, "You call your broker and ask her to pick you up. I'll go back first." Turn around the moment, Le Tong can no longer maintain a smile, the whole little face is bitter, she lamented in the heart, it seems that today can not eat good things! "Hey.." Hello, didn't you tell me your name? Le Tong just walked out a few steps, Xiao Ziheng suddenly remembered that he did not know her name, hastened to stop her again. Because of Xiao Ziheng, Le Tong did not eat the dessert he was thinking about, and he was angry with him. "My name is Beauty, and I have something to do now, so I will go first.". Then he ignored Xiao Ziheng's desire to speak and ran away. Xiao Ziheng touched the back of his head, confused, just now is not good, how suddenly angry? Sure enough, women are fickle animals, he or go to eat his delicious food! As long as he thought that there would be delicious food right away, Xiao Ziheng's mood was inexplicably better. As to whether he would be surrounded by fans again, he said that he had not considered it at all! Heaven and earth are the biggest to feed the stomach. The time was so slow that it came to the day of recording the program "Let's Date Together". " Knock. "Dong.." The knock on the door woke up Le Tong, who was sleeping soundly at the moment. Le Tong rubbed his hair irritably and got up to open the door. He was about to shout abuse. But when he saw several people standing in the dark outside, some carrying cameras, some holding light boards, the whole person was confused. What was the situation?! Hello, Miss Le! We are the film crew of "Let's Date Together", and I am Shan Jue, the director of this program. Shan Jue looked at Le Tong, who was still wearing a nightdress. It was a little strange. Didn't she inform her agent yesterday that they were going to bring the male guests over this morning? Why did she still look like she just got up? He looked at Xiao Ziheng, the little heavenly king with an expressionless face. Was he going to strike again? Shan Jue is a little perturbed. Xiao Ziheng didn't think so much, he was just shocked that the date arranged for him by the program group was the girl who led the way last time?! At the moment, she is wearing a pink dress with suspenders,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, and her messy hair adds a bit of laziness to her. It's a completely different dress from last time, but it's still beautiful and moving. He didn't expect that they would meet again under such circumstances. They were really destined. International movie king vs. third-rate female star [23] Le Tong seemed to remember that Rou Rou did tell her about it yesterday, but she completely forgot. She turned sideways and looked at Shan Jue with a guilty conscience. "Come in and sit down first!"! I'm going to clean myself up. I'll be ready in a minute. 。 stargrace-magnesite.com

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