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Tianshi Daozun sighed helplessly and said, "Hailong, you can't be too greedy.". This stone is the symbol of Tianshi Peak, which can only be held by the people in charge of Tianshi Peak in the past Dynasties.

When Zhou Xuan woke up again, he didn't know how long he had fainted. When he had a thought in his mind, he suddenly remembered his current situation. Zhuang Zhixian, Ma Shu, Wei Haihong, Ying Ying, flew into his mind one after another! At the thought of Ying Ying and Wei Haihong's dangerous situation, Zhou Xuan's cold sweat trickled down again, did not know where he was, and did not dare to open his eyes first to have a look, first secretly transported the ice gas, fortunately, the ice gas could be transported a little bit, although not enough to transform and devour, but also with the help of this little bit of ice gas to condense the remaining ice gas, and then tried the body, unexpectedly also had some slight consciousness. It's not like being completely unconscious after being knocked down in the first place. Could it be that Zhuang Zhixian and Ma Shu relaxed their vigilance when they saw him faint? But no matter what the reason is, Zhou Xuan must seize this opportunity to save himself! But before Zhou Xuan could act again, he heard the voice of Ma Shu in his ear: "Zhou Xuan.". Don't put on an act. I know you have woken up. Zhuang Shao has something to ask you. Zhou Xuan was startled, thinking that no one knew after he woke up, but he did not know that he was already in the hands of the other side! When I opened my eyes, I was lying in the light green fabric sofa. The room was not too big. I looked out of the window and saw the green blue sky above. In parallel, I saw the endless sea! Is it on the sea? Zhou Xuan was stunned, and found that the room was also slightly swaying from time to time. It should be on the sea. He was on a ship. Look at the room. It should be a big ship or a yacht. And opposite him, sitting two people, close to him is Ma Shu, far away is Zhuang Zhixian, both faces are gloomy. Zhou Xuan secretly carried the ice gas again, and Ma Shu smiled. "Zhou Xuan," he said, "I still advise you not to do that stupid thing. Since we can understand your movements, can you imagine that we have nothing to guard against you. Zhou Xuan in today from the beginning of the shooting, until now, all fall in the downwind,Magnesium Oxide price, no one is not Ma Shu and Zhuang Zhixian point to the upper hand. Everything is stuck in the neck, the heart is more and more surprised, but also more worried, do not know whether Yingying arrived in Hong Kong, do not know whether Yingying is safe! Ma Shu looked at Zhou Xuan and smiled, then looked at Zhuang Zhixian. Zhuang Zhixian picked up the cell phone on the table and dialed a number. After I got through, I pressed the speakerphone button. A man's voice immediately came from the mobile phone: "Boss, what do you want?" Zhuang Zhixian smiled and stared at Zhou Xuan again. Then he said slowly, "Let that girl say something!" There was a pause in the phone, as if someone had torn something off, and then Fu Ying's voice came out in a hurry: "Zhou Xuan Zhou Xuan" and then the voice suddenly stopped! Zhuang Zhixian immediately turned off his cell phone and threw it on the table with a bang. Hei Hei said with a smile, "Zhou, this voice is very familiar, isn't it?" Zhou Xuan's face was like earth, and Zhuang Zhixian had grasped his seven inches. At this time, he could no longer calm down. Angrily, "If Ying Ying loses a hair, diammonium phosphate fertilizer ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, I will evaporate you!" "Hey, human curtain hair?" Zhuang Zhixian spread out his hands. "I believe you have that ability.". But I ask you, do you dare? Zhou Xuan breathed heavily, at this time the body of the ice gas has condensed at least 20% of the ice gas, in the present distance range, to destroy Zhuang Zhixian and Ma Shu absolutely no problem. But this is also as Zhuang Zhixian said, since they dare to let him sober and no longer take anesthetic injections, that is not afraid of him to use different abilities to start! "I'll tell you one more thing.". Zhuang Zhixian said in a strange way, "I gave a dead order to my men, and I called him every hour.". If I don't call him in an hour and a minute, he'll rape and kill right away, but if I call him, without my orders, if he touches that girl, I'll kill him! This meaning is very obvious, Zhou Xuan is also clear about their surprise, now let him wake up, no longer give them an injection, that is, there are two people in their hands, Fu Ying and Wei Haihong, if Zhuang Zhixian did not call them beyond the time, Fu Ying must be in danger. And now Zhuang Zhixian has no scruples about Zhou Xuan, this is not worried about him, if Zhou Xuan started to deal with them, Zhou Xuan is not sure to find the place where Fu Ying was detained within an hour, even if he grabbed Zhuang Zhixian's cell phone according to this call, the other party heard not Zhuang Zhixian's voice, it will also be a bad thing! Zhou Xuan was almost certain that Fu Ying and Wei Haihong were not imprisoned on this ship. If he had killed Zhuang Zhixian and Ma Shu here, how could he return to land in an hour on the vast sea and how could he find Fu Ying and Wei Haihong? After more than an hour, there will be a big problem! Dazed, Zhou Xuan sat up slowly and asked heavily, "Zhuang, you can say it directly.". What do you want me to do? "Clever!" Zhuang Zhixian stood up and clapped his hands and said, "I immediately guessed that I wanted you to do something, but now I don't tell you, you just wait quietly, and when the time comes, you will say it naturally.". Then Chuang Chih-hsien said with a smile, "Yes, there's one more thing you have to remember. Remind me in an hour. Don't forget to call me. Otherwise, your charming Miss Fu will be in great danger!" Zhou Xuan did not make a sound, in this period of time, the ice gas recovered quite quickly, without the overbearing anesthetic restraint, the ice gas recovered to 67%, and no longer need to collect, so the speed is much faster, and the injuries on the body are also quickly cured as before. Ma Shu has been looking at Zhou Xuan, Zhou Xuan in the recovery of ice gas, even if Ma Shu looked at his eyes can no longer read his heart, Zhou Xuan has used the powerful ice gas to stimulate the brain to build a super brain shield in the brain, Ma Shu simply can not invade. Ma Shu also noticed that, to be honest,calcium ammonium nitrate price, although they were in the upper hand now, he knew from the bottom of his heart that he was far from Zhou Xuan's opponent, and this was the first such opponent he had ever met!.

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