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Xin yuan-que, unable to lift his breath, suddenly stood up with tears in his eyes and said, "Gu Yu-heng, I said I didn't want to see you!"! This is what I want! If you keep your promise, get out of my sight as soon as possible!

Xin yuan-que, unable to lift his breath, suddenly stood up with tears in his eyes and said, "Gu Yu-heng, I said I didn't want to see you!"! This is what I want! If you keep your promise, get out of my sight as soon as possible! "Round and short," Gu Yuheng Wen Yan, lips suddenly have a smile, "you dare to touch your heart and say you don't love me? Why leave me? Why don't you explain anything? Didn't we say no more deception? You have promised countless times not to lie to me, but you have broken the contract countless times! Because I love you, I can take great pains! But why did you stop me outside again and again and treat me as an outsider? Again and again, my heart in front of you was smashed, and again and again, I trampled on the fragments without mercy. Xin yuan Que, I shouldn't let you touch your heart and ask yourself, you have no heart, Xin yuan Que. You don't have a heart. Xin yuanque's face was as pale as paper, and his whole body trembled like a fallen leaf in the wind. He bit his bloodless lower lip for a long time before he said in a trembling voice, "Are you finished?"? Gu Yuheng. Let's go when we're done. "I will not give up!" Gu Yuheng's eyes were already faintly bloodthirsty and murderous. He cut off Xin yuan Que's words and locked her tottering body, but her thin lips were filled with a cruel and cold smile. "Unless you explain it clearly.". Why did you break up with me for the third time? How many more have you lied to me over the years? Make it clear, make it clear, and I'll let you live. The light in Xin yuan's missing pupil was so clear that it could not be seen clearly, as if he was looking at Gu Yuheng,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, and as if he had seen through him the thousands of sails before them. Her inner struggle, affecting Gu Yuheng's breathing, so that his atmosphere did not dare to come out, but her eyes, which seemed to condense the world's beauty and water vapor, suddenly reached the acme, but then went out in an instant, Xin yuanxiao smiled,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, his voice was flat and could not hear any fluctuations, "You already know what I'm hiding from you, since I was seventeen years old." What I hide from you is nothing more than what Minmin did and my ectopic pregnancy. But you should not blame me, at that time we have broken up, I have no obligation to tell you, nor qualified to let you share these. Gu Yuheng, this is the third time I've broken up with you, and I'll never say it again. Because Because we won't be together again. Gu Yuheng, of course, understood what she wanted to say, hurriedly cut off her words, do not open your eyes, cold voice, "This is not true, you never told me why you left me from the very beginning, National Day, 304 stainless steel wire ,304 Stainless Steel Bar, obviously still good.." The scene of that year, stumbling into view, that year's National Day trip. Their first time, in a slightly narrow single bed, obviously painful, she only felt happy at that moment, only felt that from that moment on, they would no longer be strangers who could not recognize each other, because they had been so deeply and intimately together, from the trembling of pain or happiness to the salty of tears or sweat. They are so real and close together that they can no longer be separated. But then, the car.. Her scolding for no reason so far. Her cold despair. She screamed through the sky. The way her mother was lying in a pool of blood. People come and go, cars roar back and forth.. Gu Tianxing threw a slap on her face. Chen Yi and Shao Ze comforted her back and forth. All this is like a fantasy, which can not be seen clearly in the clouds. She only knew that from that day on, her mother had become a corpse who could no longer smile gently at her, and could no longer hold her in her arms and tell her that she would do her best to make you live well. In this way, tears fell from the corner of Xin yuan's eyes, Gu Yuheng looked at a palpitation, unconsciously took a step forward, stretched out his hand, as if to catch that crystal, catch her heartache and sadness, but the knock on the door sounded so untimely. "Sister yuan Que, are you there?" Xin yuanque woke up from the memory, was stunned for a long time, picked up the mood that should not be shown in front of outsiders, and put a little smile in his voice, "Come in.". ” Lu Chi came in and saw the scene in the office as if he was embarrassed. With his hands behind his back, he smiled at yuan Que. Seeing the smile, Xin yuan-que took a deep breath and seemed to feel a little stronger. He said coldly to Gu Yu-heng, "You see, I do have an appointment tonight, and I didn't lie to you." Gu Yuheng smiled and pulled himself out of his cobweb-like mood. Knowing that tonight was no longer a good opportunity, he turned to tease Lu Chi and turned away. As soon as the door closed, Xin yuanque's lips moved, but eventually he wanted to speak and stopped. He said to Lu Chi, who was not very clear about the situation but helped himself, "Let's go to dinner." Lu Chi seemed to see that Xin yuanque was in a bad mood, and that she herself had some unspeakable worries. Along the way, they did not say a word. It was not until Lu Chi made a slip of the tongue when he ordered that the two men came to their senses and began to chat. Xin yuanque looked at the road in front of him and felt a little envious. Although Lu Chi is confused, confused why Gu Yinan will fall in love with her, cranky speculation, but that kind of nervous, worried about gains and losses of the mood, but clearly indicates a deep bone marrow feelings. Lu Chi has her own innocence, her own health, and even her own distress. The person she likes must have the ability to promise her a future. But what about yourself? Perhaps Gu Yuheng did not have the ability, but he had already cut off the back road. His 25th birthday was spent in a daze. On Friday, a group of people in the company celebrated the promotion of Xin yuanque. I went to eat first, and then I went to KTV to sing. Not long after, Gu Yinan brothers came, even the road that originally said to work overtime today also came late. Xin yuanque recalled in a trance that Gu Yinan was on a business trip some time ago. He should have come back today and worked overtime late. He was afraid that it was also his arrangement. Thinking of this,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, he shook his head unconsciously. Gu Yinan was really childish when he talked about love. But why is he here tonight? From the beginning of his behavior of forbidding himself to drink and helping himself to block one cup after another, Xin yuanque had a sense of foreboding in his heart, always feeling that he had less sincere congratulations and more ulterior motives.

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