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Xin yuan-que, unable to lift his breath, suddenly stood up with tears in his eyes and said, "Gu Yu-heng, I said I didn't want to see you!"! This is what I want! If you keep your promise, get out of my sight as soon as possible!

On the way there, Xu Qing's cell phone rang. Ji Yunyue was not convenient to answer it. Zeng Ziqing answered: "Hey, what's wrong?" Where is Mommy's sister? She didn't come home last night. Xu Ze's voice was granny, but every time he heard it, Zeng Ziqing wanted to laugh. Soon, soon, your little mommy is working all night and will be home soon! Suddenly the brake was so strong that Zeng Ziqing's whole body leaned forward and almost threw her cell phone out. What's wrong "It's all right," said Ji Yunyue in a slightly unnatural voice. Just waiting for the traffic lights, but he was so upset, Xu Qing. Married? Have a baby? Ji Yunyue comforted himself, hehe, it's impossible, she's only twenty-four years old, twenty-five years old is not enough, how can there be a child who can still talk. But no, girls are very precocious now. After thinking about it, Ji Yunyue patted the steering wheel, irritable. Anyway, Zeng Ziqing felt that her boss was a little nervous. After a few days of recuperation,304 Stainless Steel Wire, Xu Qing returned to work and worked part-time at night, but she had not seen Ji Yunyue. She was trained by another person, known as Chi Ge. After taking a bath in the evening and listening to Zeng Ziqing's words, Xu Qing was stunned by the action of drinking water and said to the voice call on WeChat: "You mean, because of me, your company lost a big business?" Zeng Ziqing ate the peeled orange with a mouthful of water and swallowed: "You don't know how nervous he is, so I can't figure out the situation." Xu Qing could not understand more and more: "Who is he?" Zeng Ziqing said again,304 Stainless Steel Coil, "Ji Yunyue, I think he likes you.". Do you know each other? But when this was said, Zeng Ziqing herself did not believe it. From freshman year to now, Zeng Ziqing and Xu Qing are inseparable, never separated at all, Xu Qing will say anything to her, suddenly more handsome men come out, really strange ah. Chapter 6 Lu Xu Qing asked in reply, "Do you think if I knew such a handsome man, I would not rush over immediately?" This made Zeng Ziqing laugh and fall to the ground. That makes sense. "You can do it now. I think Ji Yunyue is very nervous about you." Every time Zeng Ziqing recalls such a scene, she feels so. But what Xu Qing thought was that he didn't come these nights. If he really liked it, what was it? So Xu Qing immediately threw away such an idea. It's not possible. To tell you the truth, I think he is very familiar, Stainless Steel Square Pipe ,mirror stainless steel sheet, as if I have seen him in newspapers and magazines. Ceng Ziqing points out direction immediately: "Baidu you know." However, Baidu only has the same name. Xu Qing gave up. Why should she be upset about him. However She'll keep it in mind. Shangtian Group. The cooperative planning case of Section One. Xu Qing handed over the document. Xuan Han turned over the front two pages in a bored way and then closed them: "In the future, this kind of small capital project will not be handed over by the public relations department." Xu Qing knew, but still said: "The public relations department and the sales department may need a reply." Xuan Han just smiled. "How long has Xu Qing been here?"? In fact, I trust you most among so many secretaries. If it weren't for the occasion, she would like to knock him down. Don't say something that makes people misunderstand, General Manager Xuan. Shang Tian developed the fastest in the past two years, and you were by my side. We all know what the company needs, don't we? Xu Qing nodded with a smile: "I may not be able to guess what General Manager Xuan is thinking, but I understand that General Manager Xuan wants to develop higher and lead Shang Tian farther and farther." Xuan Han smiled, deep eyes with unfathomable thoughts: "What do we need most now?" Xu Qing replied, "The cooperation case of the Yip Group." "Then you know how to answer?" "I know." Xu Qing took away the cooperation plan of Keyi. They intend to enter the e-sports market, but there is no place to inject funds. Shang Tian doesn't like such a small project. Maybe we can make good use of it. Xu Qing went to his desk and knocked on the number. A few minutes later, she said to Secretary Wan: "After a while, General Manager Xuan came and said that I would go to the third floor to talk to the public relations department and the sales department." Secretary Wan is an intern, usually timid, but not so afraid in the face of Xu Qing: "OK.". ” She's going out, and if it's settled, maybe it will be better. The other side. Yeah? Is that so strange? As soon as Zeng Ziqing put down the phone, she opened her mouth directly to express her doubts. "What's the matter?" Asked Shu Su. Ceng Ziqing is holding cheek, frown: "a moment ago boss Wang telephoned to say, ask us to go." As soon as the words came out, all three of them calmed down. Zeng Ziqing looked at Ji Yunyue and asked, "How is it going?" Ji Yunyue pondered for a moment and said, "Time and place." "Eleven o'clock, and the restaurant." Shu Su surprised: "That is not now." The person in charge of the first branch is surnamed Xu, which has the same pronunciation as the word Xu; so the meeting between the two people is a little more impressive. Xu Xinlai knew Xu Qing's identity and thought that General Manager Xuan had sent him to negotiate, so he dared not slack off at all. Miss Xu, please sit down. Xu Qing smiled and made a long story short: "Boss Xu." "Miss Xu, drink tea first." Xu Qing immediately stood up and clutched the teacup with both hands. "You're welcome, boss Xu." Xu Xinlai heart perturbed, Xu Qing's sharp eyes looked past, a little attention to his simple and honest appearance, looks like an honest man. Of course, it looks like it. Boss Xu, our boss said that Shang Tian is not going to enter the e-sports market at present. The outside world is spreading, the Financial Business Daily is also writing, Shang Tian's current focus is on cooperation with Ye's Group, so Xu Xinlai was not disappointed when he knew this reply, but it was expected. Xu Xinlai's face was calm, and he could not see the disappointment after being rejected. Xu Qing pursed her lips and thought about it in her heart. Although I can't cooperate with Shang Tian, I have a good partner here. I wonder if boss Xu is interested in it? As soon as Xu Xinlai's brain turned,brushed stainless steel sheet, he immediately realized that Xu Qing should be the person who received money to help others. I wonder if you have a plan? Xu Qing sat up straight and said, "Because I have to get the consent of boss Xu, I hope I can arrange a chance to meet with boss Xu." 。

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