Chasing Miser's Wife: Daddy's Coming, Son's Running

Xin yuan-que, unable to lift his breath, suddenly stood up with tears in his eyes and said, "Gu Yu-heng, I said I didn't want to see you!"! This is what I want! If you keep your promise, get out of my sight as soon as possible!

Qi Ming night eyebrow peak slightly moved, glanced at the restless look of Anmo Ran, loosened Gu Shallow got up and walked to one side, the voice of indifference will Anmo Ran's condition clearly told Gong Shaoming. An Mo Ran and Gu Shallow can not hear the reaction of Gong Shaoming on the other end of the phone, but look at the look of Qi Ming night can also guess, Gong Shaoming's reaction is not much better. In fact, if anyone hears such news, there will be no good reaction. The more Gong Shaoming cares about An Mo Ran, the less likely he is to agree with her to take risks! It wasn't long before Qi Mingye turned back and handed his cell phone to An Mo Ran, his voice lowered an octave, "Explain yourself, if Gong Shaoming doesn't agree, I won't treat you." “……” An Mo ran had no choice but to answer the phone. I won't agree! Without waiting for Anmo Ran to open his mouth, Gong Shaoming's voice had already reached Anmo Ran's ears clearly. ……” An Mo Ran. The hand holding the mobile phone tightened, and a trace of gloom passed over his cold face. I will not bet your life on a child, not to mention that the chance of pregnancy after surgery is only one percent, even one hundred percent I will not agree! "An Mo Ran, you are my life, why do you think you can hide from me to risk?!"! What do you think I am? “……” An Mo Ran is silent. She has long guessed Gong Shaoming's answer, will have been hiding from him, now is just to verify even their own guess, there is nothing to lose. It's not a pleasant experience to hide from the people you love most all the time. An Mo Ran also felt bad in his heart. Shaoming, are you afraid of death? An Mo Ran stood up lightly and walked toward the edge of the living room, his voice clear and shallow, not as excited as anyone imagined to hear Gong Shaoming's opposition. ……” In the following dialogue, Anmo Ran said in a very low voice, and Qi Mingye had been distracting his attention from the side, Gu Shallow could not hear at all. Only know that an Mo Ran said a few words to the phone, began to silence, after a long silence,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, took the mobile phone to come to them. Handed the mobile phone to Qi Mingye, cherry lips slightly open, "he agreed." “……” The people who were stunned this time were Qi Mingye and Gu Shallow. Qi Mingye's long and narrow eyes narrowed, refracting a Li light, reached for his cell phone, did not speak, and pressed the loudspeaker button directly. Night, I once again put my life in your hands, must be owed to you in my previous life. Gong Shaoming's voice was somewhat decadent, with a trace of self-mockery and powerlessness. I promised Dye's surgery. The surgery I promised Dye.. Gu Shallow was the first to stare straight and look at An Mo Ran in amazement. How much Gong Shaoming loves Ann Mo Ran, Gu Shallow can see, but Ann Mo Ran just said a few words, he agreed. This is a gamble with life as a stake, even the ghost doctor DQ is not sure to win, Gong Shaoming actually agreed! "I don't want your life. I'll keep it for myself." Qi Mingye roared with a gloomy face and went straight to pinch the phone. Chapter 816 preparation for UAE surgery. "Send her down for re-examination and prepare for UAE surgery." Qi Mingye made the final decision and pulled Gu Shallow to walk out of the laboratory. Gu shallowly looked back at An Mo Ran, Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet ,stainless steel welded pipe, his eyes motioned, and then followed the footsteps of Qi Ming night. Out of the laboratory, Gu Qianqian could not hold back, "Qi Ming night, you are still very worried about Gong Shaoming, right?" I'm afraid he's going to die! Gu Qianqian, are you very free? After managing one after another, you think you're the Virgin Mary?! Weian's body suddenly turned, Qi Mingye looked down at her, eagle-like eyes filled with displeasure. Gu shallowly shriveled his mouth, "No, I just can't bear to see someone who is worried about holding back, afraid that you are suffocating, (^ _ _ ^) Hee Hee.." "Ah-" Gu shallow voice just fell, the person was Qi Ming night dragged into the arms, turned to press on the wall, Qi Ming night head a low, in her water full cherry lips on a bite, picked eyebrows. Warm breath sprinkled on the neck, voice deep charm, with a trace of forbearance restraint, "Gu Shallow, I only endure not to do with you, will be suffocated, do you want to save me?"? Uh “……” Gu Shallow. The glittering and translucent eyes stared at Qi Mingye, who was instantly incarnated as a wolf, and his throat choked. Stupid woman! Qi Mingye gently dropped a kiss on her forehead and took Gu Shallow's hand and strode toward the DQ laboratory. Qi Mingye, did you do the operation yourself? "What do you think?" " (O ⊙) Ah!" Gu Shallow. How does she know.. Qi Mingye's footsteps suddenly stopped, and he reached out his hand to hold Gu's shallow shoulder and looked down at her seriously. Gu Shallow, be prepared, any operation has risks, if you can not accept the failure of Anmo dye operation, then I will not accept this operation. UAE surgery is not a major operation, everyone in the DQ laboratory can handle such a case, if he will let Gu shallow diaphragm, Qi Ming night will never do it himself. He can only guarantee that all the procedures on the operating table will be completed smoothly, but no one can be 100% sure whether the tumors in Anmo's body will disappear or become cancerous in the later period. In case He wasn't sure if Gu would not be able to accept the death of An Mo Ran at his hands. If you make a move, how sure are you? Gu Shallow asked cautiously. The operation will be completed smoothly, but no one can predict whether the situation of An Mo Ran is good or bad, half and half, only 50%. Qi Mingye's voice was very indifferent, and his tone was like discussing an unrelated stranger. If it were not for Gu Shallow, he would not have taken such a big basket for himself, and directly insisted that hysterectomy was the safest choice. Now in this way, once the situation of Anmo Ran deteriorates, not only Gu Shallow will respond, but also Gong Shaoming will blame him for his risky surgical plan. Whether to save an Mo Ran or not, Gong Shaoming owes him a life,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, but if an Mo Ran dies in his hands, whether Gong Shaoming is dead or alive, the relationship between their allies will be estranged.

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