A one-night stand

The two men began to chew the delicacies on the table in silence. The black Mercedes stopped in front of "Gypsophila paniculata" when night fell.

The two men began to chew the delicacies on the table in silence. The black Mercedes stopped in front of "Gypsophila paniculata" when night fell. Thank you for bringing me back. Ouyang Xiaoqing turned around and thanked Du Yuheng before getting off the bus. Wait a minute Du Yuheng got out of the car and crossed the aisle in front of her. Thank you for telling me about the babies. Throughout the night, she shared with him the details of her children's lives and told him their preferences in detail, showing no signs of boredom. You're their real father. I don't know why, but she has accepted the fact, probably because of his repeated assurances! You have a right to know. "I'm glad you accept that fact." The night was not in vain. In fact, whether I accept it or not, it is a fact. It's just that she didn't expect him to love these two children. Tonight, he listened to a lot of children's life trivia, but did not frown once, but looked very happy. And laughed several times. Faced with this situation, she was surprised, but at the same time,endless swimming pool, she was happy for the children. The children have a father and a mother who love them, but they don't know the fact that he is the biological father. I'll find a way to solve this without hurting each other, but before that, we might as well be friends. He didn't want to hurt her, especially after he knew she was such a kind woman. Uh She smiled back at him. Until then,hot tub manufacturers, you're welcome to come to the store often to see the children. She believed in him. She believed in him through and through. I will. He promised. That Good night "Good night." Watching her walk into the door of the stairwell, Du Yuheng returned to the car and restarted the car on the road. After a while, the black Mercedes quickly disappeared into the night like a bullet. On the other hand, holding back her drowsiness, Qiu Wei sat alone in the living room waiting for Ouyang Xiaoqing, who had not returned late at night. By late at night, she meant ten o'clock in the evening, which was comparable to the entrance guard time of a strict father. Why haven't you slept so late? As soon as Ouyang Xiaoqing stepped into the living room, whirlpool hot tub ,endless swimming pool, he saw Ren Qiu sitting on the sofa with his hands on his chest. What's the matter? Thinking about something? "What did Du Yuheng say to you?" Ren Qiuwei came straight to the point and asked. She always talks like that. Is he going to take the child? "No, don't guess." Ouyang Xiaoqing went into the room to hang up his coat and let Qiu Wei follow him. He promised me to take the child. "You'll believe him if he says anything!" Innocent! She knew that the word "moderate" never existed in Du Yuheng's handbook, and this time she was facing the problem of her children's ownership, how could she give up easily? "I believe him." Ouyang Xiaoqing has great confidence in Du Yuheng. Don't worry too much! "Is it?" Ren Qiuwei bit his thumb nail. Will Du Yuheng simply say that if he doesn't rob, he won't rob? She didn't really believe it. More exciting E-books in: E-book zone Chapter 5 "One Night Love" by Lv Xichen As a leader, the first priority is self-management. This is also the place where Du Yuheng can't make people sick. Fixed time to get up, fixed chewing speed, fixed time to enter the company one hour earlier every day.. There were so many fixities in his life: if there was any fault to be found, it was only his irregular hours of sleep that failed to live up to what he called his "philosophy of fixity.". But today, he hopes to sleep for an extra hour so that he can get to work "on time" instead of "early". Because the woman in front of him with the title of the children's godmother is depriving him of an hour to arrive at the company early. Why do you want to disturb Xiaoqing's life? Don't you think she has a hard life? Or do you want your baby back? Mr. Du, please give me a clear and honest answer. Ren Qiumei came to the company an hour earlier in order to ask the workaholic boss who went to work early every day. I'm not as easy as Xiaoqing to be deceived by you in two or three sentences. You'd better tell me what you're thinking right away. An idea? This woman is worrying too much. It seems to be called.. Ren Qiuwei, right? One of Xiaoqing's cohabitants, Ziping's girlfriend. "I'm not going to do anything. I just told Xiaoqing yesterday that everything will remain the same until I come up with the best solution." "Your words are hard to believe." "Although you are not in Taiwan these years, your achievements and policy instructions have come from the US branch from time to time. Judging from the way you do things, you don't look like a person who would do such a thing that is not good for you," said Ren Qiuwei honestly and impolitely. "Why do you think I'm no good?" That's funny, a personality analyst standing right in front of him? Don't you want to have children? You should know that it is impossible for Xiaoqing to give the child to you. Do you think you can just accept her more? I'm telling you, don't even think about it! In the end, Ren Qiuwei roared: "Xiaoqing's personality is simple and naive, and she doesn't suspect people, but it doesn't mean that her good friends are the same!" "You're a good friend of hers?" Du Yuheng asked in a deliberately suspicious tone. You- "Ren Qiuwei is so angry that he can't speak." You can rest assured. Forget it. She's Ziping's sweetheart. He can't stimulate her too much, so she won't be angry with Ziping. Besides, according to Ouyang Xiaoqing, she takes good care of their mother and son. According to reason, he should express his gratitude to her. I, Du Yuheng, did what I said. Besides, I never use the means used in fortifications in private affairs. You can rest assured that you don't have to worry too much. Worry too much? This guy called her a worrywart? "Ren Qiuwei tried his best to hold back his vigorous anger." OK! Then I ask you, do you want children or not? "Of course." He hasn't hidden his attitude since he learned the news,garden jacuzzi tub, has he? "Do you want to marry Xiaoqing if you don't want to solve it by legal means?" Du Yuheng hesitated for a moment, "no, I won't." "No what?" "Won't you resort to law?" Asked Ren Qiuwei? Still won't marry Xiaoqing? 。 monalisa.com

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