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The two men began to chew the delicacies on the table in silence. The black Mercedes stopped in front of "Gypsophila paniculata" when night fell.

"So," said Yang Sicheng, "this black piece has something to do with the men in black." "I think so, too," said Guan Zhongyue. "If the Chief Escort's supposition is correct," said Yang Sicheng, "the two things are related. Miss Liu may be the woman in black." "I do have doubts," said Guan Zhongyue. "What is the Chief Escort going to do?" Asked Yang Sicheng. Guan Zhongyue frowned and said, "What do you mean?" Yang Sicheng said, "My subordinates feel that we have been in a passive position. If we can take the initiative, it may change the situation." "The enemy is in the dark and we are in the open," said Guan Zhongyue. "How can we win the initiative?" Yang Sicheng said, "My subordinates feel that the Chief Escort should write a note and send it to the Governor's Office to invite Shen Baitao to come to the Escort Agency." "Let's make an appointment with Shen Baitao," said Guan Zhongyue. "That man may not know. How will it help the overall situation?" Yang Sicheng said, "My subordinates have different opinions. I think if that person really hides in the governor's mansion, he must pay attention to every move of the governor and Shen Baitao. Therefore, my subordinates feel that as long as our post arrives, that person must know." Guan Zhongyue didn't sing for a while. "That's reasonable," he said. "But what will Shen Baitao talk to him about after he gets here?" "Come straight to the point," said Yang Sicheng, "and explain the inside story." "I'll write a letter of worship," said Guan Zhongyue. "I'll make an escort and send it over." "No," said Yang Sicheng. "My subordinates want to go there in person,endless pool swim spa, so they can check it in secret and try their luck." "Then you'll have to work," said Guan Zhongyue. He immediately began to write a letter of worship and handed it to Yang Sicheng. After half a day, Yang Sicheng took Shen Baitao to the Huwei Escort Agency. As soon as Shen Baitao entered the door, he smiled and said, "Brother Guan, I've wanted to visit you several times, but I'm afraid of disturbing you. I've been in the future all the time. This time, Brother Guan has summoned me. I must have learned something." Guan Zhongyue folded his fists and asked Shen Baitao to sit down. "I don't deserve to be taught," he said with a smile. "I have one thing to ask Brother Shen." "Say everything you know,hot tub wholesale, brother," said Shen Baitao. "How is Miss Liu doing?" Asked Guan Zhongyue. Shen Baitao was stunned for a moment and said, "Miss Liu lives in the inner courtyard. My brother knows nothing about her.." He lowered his voice and said, "What did Brother Guan find out?" "Here's a letter for Brother Shen to look over," said Guan Zhongyue. Hold Black Jane in both hands. Shen Baitao glanced at the letter and was stunned. "The black letter," he said. "Not only is the envelope black," said Guan Zhongyue, "but even the letter paper is black. It's written in cinnabar." Shen Baitao took it with both hands and looked at it carefully for a while. Then he returned it to Guan Zhongyue and said, "This man's tone is very loud." "Have you seen this black letter, Brother Shen?" Asked Guan Zhongyue. Shen Baitao shook his head and said, "I haven't seen it." "Is there such paper in the governor's mansion?" Asked Guan Zhongyue. Shen Baitao was stunned and said, "What's the matter?"? Does this black seal have anything to do with the governor's mansion? "To tell you the truth, Brother Shen," said Guan Zhongyue, "this black slip is from Shuaifu.". Shen Baitao seemed to be suddenly burned by the fire. He jumped to his feet and said, "Are you serious?" "Forty percent, 4 person jacuzzi ,jacuzzi bath spa," said Guan Zhongyue, "tell Brother Shen the details." Yang Sicheng leaned forward and said, "My subordinates obey." Turning to Shen Baitao, he folded his fists and said, "Someone sent me this black secret letter. My brother followed him. After he entered a grocery store, he changed his clothes and returned to the governor's mansion." Shen Baitao scratched his head and said, "Is Brother Yang wrong about such a thing?" Guan Zhongyue sighed softly and said, "It's very strange. I made an appointment with my brother. The man who came here to help me suddenly missed the appointment in the future.." "Who is he?" Asked Shen Baitao. "Wang Xuanzhao," said Guan Zhongyue, "is very famous in the martial arts world. He is by no means a man of little faith. He failed to come as promised. There must have been an accident." "Brother Guan," said Shen Baitao, "if you believe that the man is in the governor's mansion, you should immediately go back to the mansion and report to the governor to find out." Guan Zhongyue shook his head and said, It's too late. ” "Let's do that," said Shen Baitao! He said he wanted to wash the Escort Agency in the middle of the night, so my brother reported back to the commander in chief and mobilized all the soldiers to guard the Escort Agency to see if he really dared to come tonight. "I'm a Jianghu man," said Guan Zhongyue. "I don't want to rely on the influence of the government.." "Brother Guan," said Shen Baitao, "if you want to change your position, the situation is very.." Guan Zhongyue answered, "Of course, I need the help of Brother Shen, but I don't want to disturb the officers and men." Shen Baitao gave a wry smile and said, "Brother, I'm willing to go all out, regardless of life or death. But I'm afraid it's hard to help Brother Guan with his martial arts." "If you want Brother Shen to help," said Guan Zhongyue, "it's not that you want Brother Shen to charge into battle and fight with others.." Shen Baitao answered, "In the Kaifeng Mansion, there are not many brothers who know people." Guan Zhongyue shook his head and said in a low voice, "Do you talk about everything between Brother Shen and the commander in chief?" Shen Baitao said, "The brothers and the commander in chief have been together for a long time. Although there is a great disparity in their status, they can talk about their private affairs." "Brother," said Guan Zhongyue, "I'd like to ask Brother Shen to tell the governor to ask his wife to come forward and invite Lady Liu's mother and daughter to meet again. It's better to have a meeting in the hall until after the third watch." Shen Baitao hesitated for a moment and said, "It shouldn't be too difficult, but I still don't understand Brother Guan's intentions." "To tell you the truth, Brother Shen," said Guan Zhongyue, "I've always suspected that this letter was from Liu." Mother's handwriting. "Miss Liu," said Shen Baitao, "doesn't that girl look fragile?" "Yes," said Guan Zhongyue, "but I'm just suspicious. I can't find any evidence. Tonight, if the governor's wife can hold her off, it may prove whether my suspicion is wrong." "Miss Liu," said Shen Baitao, "is the daughter-in-law of Du Shuai. It's not good for me, Guan Zhongyue, to suspect Du Shuai's young wife! Shen Baitao said, "Brother Guan doesn't know that the commander in chief is a man of righteousness, kindness and insight. Even if I don't tell him,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, I can't hide it from him." "Good," said Guan Zhongyue! What should we do? Your brother Shen made up his own mind, but there are two points that must be careful. "What two points?" Asked Shen Baitao. 。

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