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The two men began to chew the delicacies on the table in silence. The black Mercedes stopped in front of "Gypsophila paniculata" when night fell.

Ah, it really can't be compared. Xu Zhenniang frowned. What she feared most in her life was this kind of woman with a white rabbit in appearance and a black belly in her heart. She was like a girl in the company before. She looked very pure and harmless in appearance, which was quite different from her aggressive woman in appearance. Therefore, she received unanimous praise from the whole company. But in the end, the girl showed her true colors little by little, pushed another person out of the office, and finally became the director. The more Xu Zhenniang thought about it, the more she felt that Aunt Yun was so powerful that she could be compared to a great scourge. Looking at Qin Ruowang with a pure face, she could not help sighing deeply. She looked at the sky and clenched her fist: "Such a tough person is your elder. You are no match for her.". Rest assured, I am here, women to women, this is the ultimate fate ah! What is all this and what? Qin Ruowang is a little silly, but he is still very responsible to explain to the boss who is out of his mind: "Don't worry, I'm not so useless.". "Aunt Yun's little trick won't hurt me." "Why?"? Are you men the least resistant to weak and crying women? Xu Zhenniang is still fantasizing about the scene after he beat up this little white flower BOSS, listening to him say so, it is somewhat strange. No wonder you always educate Xu Ting, saying that crying women are the most annoying, and that women who look weak are the most scheming, which makes Xu Ting shy away from such women. Thinking of this, Qin Ruowang couldn't help giggling: "Xu Ting complained to me a few days ago that a little girl across the street was always affectionate to him, and he had a headache." "What, this brat, he didn't tell me?" Xu Zhenniang jumped up, hands akimbo, a "if he is not asleep now,jacuzzi suppliers, I will go to twist his ears" look. Qin Ruowang is funny: "Boys, some worries naturally like to say to older men, this is normal." Indeed, in modern education, isn't it often said that father's love is indispensable to children's growth? Xu Zhenniang sighed, and sure enough, no matter how tough she was and how she could stand alone, she was still a woman in Xu Ting's eyes. However, she looked up carefully at Qin Ruowang,outdoor hot tub, how to look at this person can not be regarded as "Dad" position ah, at most is an older playmate. Hey, I said, when you were as old as Xu Ting, you had some little troubles with boys. Did you tell your father that? Qin Ruowang's face darkened. "At that time, there was no me in my father's eyes. He could only see Aunt Yun.". To tell you the truth, when I was a child, I was really stupid. Aunt Yun was very kind to me, always asking after my health, but Niang always kept a straight face and asked me to study medicine well. Every time I am tired of reading, I will be very aggrieved to think why my mother can't be as gentle as Aunt Yun. Later, when I grew up slowly, I understood my mother's pains bit by bit. Unfortunately, the gap has been formed, I do not know how to show concern for Niang, Niang do not know how to treat me. I didn't know who was the best person in the world for me until my mother was seriously ill in bed and she kept calling my name, but now she's gone. Xu Zhen-niang's eyes softened, indoor endless pool ,endless swim spa, and she remembered her real parents and younger siblings, who wanted to raise but did not wait for their parents, that is to say, this is what she meant. She did not know how to comfort people, but symbolically patted Qin Ruowang on the shoulder: "You can rest assured that although you do not have a mother, but there are still us.". Not to mention Xu Ting and Huahua, I am younger than you, and women always live longer than men, so we will not go ahead of you, you don't have to worry about being sad again. Is that a comfort? Are you sure this is a consolation? Qin Ruowang stroked his forehead, but he had to admit that after being "comforted" like this, all his sadness had indeed disappeared, replaced by gnashing of teeth. Chapter 19 Chapter 19 Xu Ting is really annoyed recently. He is no longer a little baby who didn't know anything in those days, but a handsome young man who was half a year old. His busy life made him precocious very quickly. In short, he is very popular with little girls in the circle of children nearby. Therefore, his little boy's mind can only be said to Qin Ruowang. Unfortunately, Qin Ruowang is also out of tune, always laughing at him, and as a handle, threatening him to study medicine hard. Ah, life is so hard, Xu Ting looked at the blue sky, he is a boy, and now he has learned a good skill, cured some patients, received some praise, and immediately had some ideas to go out. But if he leaves, is there only one aunt left in the family? Xu Ting is not a fool, a few days ago to the shop wild people are looking for Qin eldest brother, nature is trouble. But according to aunt's temper, Qin eldest brother's matter she is impossible to ignore, this is not a good phenomenon. Or, persuade aunt, throw Qin eldest brother out, or, let aunt take oneself and Huahua to rush into the rivers and lakes, leave Qin eldest brother a person to fend for himself? Well, that's a good idea. Xu Ting propped up his chin and began to think about the one thousand and one ways to leave Qin Ruowang behind, forgetting that he was still holding the medicinal materials that needed to be spread out. "Pa," Qin Ruowang patted Xu Ting's head, "what are you thinking about? Didn't you come here to dry the medicinal materials? What's wrong? Which little girl did you like? I'm going to tell your aunt. "Threaten me with my aunt again!" Xu Ting pouted discontentedly, originally still had a trace of guilt about leaving this person, but now all disappeared. Thinking of Qin Ruowang's miserable appearance, Xu Ting felt very angry. So that night Xu Ting sneaked into Xu Zhenniang's room. Auntie, Auntie, are you asleep? "Not yet, but Huahua is asleep, so don't disturb her." Xu Zhenniang shook the small rocking car, one finger standing up at her mouth, making a silent gesture. "Oh," Xu Ting immediately like a thief, gently walked over, and stretched out a finger, gently poked Huahua's white and fat little face,endless pool factory, said with a smile: "Huahua just reported that when it came, it looked like a little mouse, now it looks much more beautiful." 。

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