Weibo big V's daily life in the entertainment circle (rebirth of sweet pet and double first love)

As soon as Chen Mougang sat down at the table and stuffed a mouthful of rice into his mouth, he heard Chen Mianmian's shrill cry, and the doctors waiting at home filed into the bedroom.

At 5:50 in the evening, Bei Xiaoxiao prepared the camera, wiped the house again, wiped the table of Jiangyu clean, and took out the skin care products that Jiangyu needed, and then said: "Taro round!"! Good live broadcast! Kill these pinkeyes! Damn, your appearance can completely PK out that Cheng ran, these people are blind and can't see it? Jiang Yu smiled faintly, and his mood was not affected at all. She glanced at the alarm clock on the wall. It was 6 o'clock. As soon as Jiang Yu opened the live broadcast, he saw rewards and messages flashing on the screen. In an instant, the number of online fans had reached 1 million. Dada, we have been waiting for you for a long time. Dada is finally online. -Taro balls! I'm a fan of yours. What kind of makeup are you going to teach me this time? The legendary Painted Skin Magic Hand Jiangyu is going to open a live broadcast to teach makeup, how can I miss this hand disabled party! Jiang Yu smiled, the last live broadcast she did not make up, fans are shouting good-looking, this time she specially painted some light makeup, sure enough, fans saw, have flooded the screen. -Beautiful! My Jiangyu is beautiful! You look good with light makeup! Dada, what kind of makeup are you going to put on? Jiang Yu smiled and took out his makeup tools and greeted everyone: "Taros, we meet again!"! What I want to teach you this time is not ordinary makeup,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, but the magic technology of becoming a man through makeup! Awesome, my taro sister, dress up as a man? How to draw? High energy ahead! Sister, I watch quietly and don't speak for fear of being frightened by you. Jiang Yu laughs: "Everybody looks at me, my dress now is very feminine?"? A look is a girl, plus my facial features are not particularly heroic, it can be said that from my external point of view, I have nothing in common with men,Ceramic Bobbin, the following is the time to witness the miracle! With that, Jiang Yu picked up the cotton pad: "The first step is to remove makeup. I usually use Unicharm's cotton pad to remove makeup and apply it to my face. After that, I wash my face with Luna. These products have been introduced in my previous micro-blog. The following is the normal skin care link." Soon, when Jiangyu's skin care was over, she laughed: "For men's makeup, I usually choose a slightly darker foundation to make myself a little darker." Say that finish, Jiangyu on the foundation, with Givenchy four loose powder painted, and play a good highlight, and then, just laugh: "After laying a good foundation, everyone should take a good look at it!" With that, Jiang Yu took out the blush and the eyeliner that was running out and drew it under her eyes. Soon, she drew a big pouch under her eyes. At first glance, Kamado bbq grill ,ceramic welding tape, the pouch looked like it was going to fall down, which made her look like an alcoholic uncle. -Holy shit! That's awesome. The pouch is so lifelike. The bags under the eyes scared me. After drawing the bags under the eyes, Jiangyu didn't even look like her. What, are you scared by the bags under my eyes? With that, Jiang Yu smiled and picked up a beard and stuck it on his lips. Soon, the beard was stuck on. In this way, from the camera, Jiang Yu had turned into a bearded monster. -Amazing! Don't worry, it's not over yet! What can general uncle still have besides pouch? That's right! It must be a double chin! So we have to draw a double chin. Two minutes later, a delicate and realistic double chin was drawn. Your double chin is drawn, and my chin is going to fall off! Damn it! This is so realistic! Looking at everyone's comments, Jiang Yu laughed and said, "Well, bags under the eyes, double chin, big beard.." You must have noticed that I haven't drawn my eyebrows yet. "Of course!"! Uncles generally have a bad temper, so their eyebrows should show their personality. With that, Jiang Yu picked up the eyebrow pencil and mascara and drew an angry eyebrow for himself. Fans on the other side of the screen were stunned by the eyebrow drawing. I must have entered a fake live studio. Who changed the anchor? I want my Jiangyu! Who is this bearded sorghum? Yes, the Jiangyu in front of us turned into a strange millet. "Don't worry, it's not over yet. I just need to put my hair up and get a short wig. Today, the uncle's makeup will be finished!" Say that finish, Jiang taro dish good hair, put on the Chinese men love to shave the buzz cut wig, so a look! A 45-year-old man appeared on the screen. Seeing that more than 5 million fans were watching the live broadcast, a disorderly partner thought that another anchor was dancing. As soon as he came in, he was startled by Jiangyu: Holy shit! Five million people watch an uncle live? Oh, my god! You have a strong taste! Hahaha, this is a fake live broadcast room, you leave quickly! Laugh me to death! Jiang Yu Dada, look how scared you are! Jiang Yu smiled and drew his sideburns and lanugo with eyeliner in a hurry. In this way, Jiang Yu's face could not see the beautiful appearance of the past, but turned into a dirty middle-aged uncle. -Screenshot! Photograph! Anyway, I was surprised by Jiang Yu's face-changing technique. Dada, you make up so fast. It's less than 20 minutes. Jiang Yu looked at the time, and sure enough, it was less than 20 minutes. In this way, her live broadcast time was too short. It was rare to open a live broadcast, at least half an hour, right? After thinking about it, Jiang Yu and his fans interacted: Who else do you want to see me draw? Shall I draw another one for you? Who knows. Gu Shenliu! Gu Shenliu! Gu Shenliu! Gu Shenliu! Jiang Yu laughed. "I almost thought my screen was stuck." Dada, if you have the ability, you can draw your elder martial brother, our movie king Gu Shenliu! I am a fan of Gu Shenliu! I want to see the big painting Gu Shenliu! Jiang Yu subconsciously refused, she and Gu Shenliu have enough attention, I heard that recently there have been paparazzi with them, such a trouble, I am afraid the scandal will spread to the sky. Just as she hesitated,10g Ozone Generator, suddenly, fireworks popped up in the system, and a few words appeared on the screen. Gu Shenliu 121 rewards the host with 1000000 live broadcast coins! The live broadcast room is completely boiling.

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