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According to the current situation, after the first emperor back to Xianyang, will certainly stop Zhao high another arm. If Zhao Gao no power, that Daqin will perish?

Wanli had been nervous a few days ago, and now when she saw the big secretary, her heart was beating wildly, thinking in a panic, when the big secretary greeted her, how should she react, what should she say, whether to show excitement or calm down, whether to say a few more words or a few less words, Wanli looked at the big secretary in a panic, waiting for him to say hello. But unexpectedly, the big secret did not seem to know her, he always had a peaceful smile on his face, saw everyone with the same smile, his eyes had communicated with everyone, but it seemed that there was no communication at all, and treated Wanli the same way, his eyes clearly saw Wanli, but it seemed that he did not see it, at least he did not recognize Wanli at all. Just as Wanli had never come into contact with him, had never met him, had never had dinner together, and had played all kinds of jokes during the dinner, Wanli in the eyes of the Great Secretary at this time was an ordinary student of the Party School whom he had never recognized, one sixtieth of an ordinary one, without any particularity. Wanli had imagined the meeting in advance. She would shake hands with her and talk with an affectionate smile. Others would know that they knew each other and had a relationship. So they answered some doubts. Would the big secret introduce her to Secretary Zhou? If introduced, how would Secretary Zhou react? If the secretary had mentioned her to Secretary Zhou in advance,aluminum tile trim, Secretary Zhou might have laughed and said, "Ah, you are Wanli.". If the secretary did not have a chance to recommend Wanli to Secretary Zhou in advance, at this time, Secretary Zhou would at least shake hands with Wanli with a smile and say, ah, it's Wanli's classmate, good, good. I thought about everything, but I didn't expect that when I arrived at the scene,tile profile factory, all the ideas didn't happen. The big secretary didn't mean to shake hands with her at all, not even a knowing look, let alone introduce her to Secretary Zhou. Wanli was a little confused for a moment and thought in a trance, was this the person she saw last time? In a trance, Wanli followed everyone into the meeting hall and found that everyone in the meeting hall had a seat card, which was relatively rare. It was normal to put a seat card in a meeting or dinner at ordinary times. But today is the graduation ceremony of a graduating class, and everyone has a seat card. Is this necessary? Sure enough, not only Wanli, but also other students noticed this phenomenon. Someone said strangely, "Hey, even we all have seat cards?"? When Secretary Zhou heard this classmate's words, he first looked at the rostrum and then looked at the audience. He smiled and said, President Huang, I know what you mean. Let me also know the students in this class, right? Principal Huang hurriedly said, exactly, exactly. Secretary Zhou laughed and said, "This is also a criticism of me. I have always said that I want to understand this class and care about this class, but I am busy until the last day.". President Huang hastened to say, stainless steel edge trim ,stainless steel edging strip, "Secretary Zhou, you can come, which is a great encouragement to us. It is the first time that the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee has come to attend the graduation ceremony of one of our classes in our Party School.". Secretary Zhou laughed again. When the leader on the stage spoke, the students under the stage also found their own seats and began to take their seats. When Secretary Zhou sat down, the students under the stage were almost seated. Wanli was still in the first row. Secretary Zhou's eyes swept back and forth from the seat cards and faces of the students in the first row. Looking at a name, he looked at the student's face. He nodded kindly and smiled. Sitting on the left of Secretary Zhou was Minister Wu, Publicity Department of the Provincial Party Committee. After he nodded to Wanli, he attached himself to Secretary Zhou's ear, looked at Wanli and said a few words. When Secretary Zhou looked at Wanli again, there was more intimacy in his smile. He pointed Wanli with his hand from above and said, "You are Wanli's classmate, from Nanzhou.". Wanli blushed and quickly stood up and said, Secretary Zhou. Secretary Zhou said that he was very young. Wanli is embarrassed, and she is not young. Secretary Zhou said, Xiao Wan, aren't you young? Aren't we supposed to blush sitting here? Everyone laughed. President Huang sat on the edge of the rostrum and turned his head to talk to Secretary Zhou. The audience could not hear him, but Wanli's feeling seemed to be talking about her, because as soon as President Huang finished speaking, Secretary Zhou looked at Wanli and smiled, saying, "Good, good, good-the third good word has not yet fallen, Nie Xiaomei has come to the rostrum." Respectfully handed a very old book from below to Secretary Zhou. Secretary Zhou wanted to take it, but because the rostrum was a little too high to reach, Nie Xiaomei ran up the rostrum from the right stairs and stood in front of Secretary Zhou, saying, Secretary Zhou, this is your work. Secretary Zhou didn't seem to expect this. He picked up the book and looked at it. He said, Hey, your classmate, where did you find this book? This is what I wrote when I was in the writing group of the Prefectural Party Committee. You see, I have learned from Dazhai in agriculture for more than 20 years, and I have forgotten it myself. Nie Xiaomei said, Secretary Zhou, please sign for me. Secretary Zhou seemed embarrassed to smile and said, I can't find this book at home. At this moment, the big secret seemed to come out of the ground and appeared beside Nie Xiaomei. He said politely and impolitely, "This classmate, would you please go back to your seat?"? Nie Xiaomei was stunned and said, "Secretary Zhou, it's not easy for us to see you." Secretary Zhou said, "OK, OK, just sign it.". Secretary hurriedly handed over the pen, Secretary Zhou signed, Nie Xiaomei excitedly walked to the stage, the steps did not see clearly, three steps as two steps, almost fell down from the stage. Wanli saw it in her eyes, her heart jumped and her face turned red, as if she were losing face for herself. I don't know where she got the pamphlet from more than twenty years ago. On the rostrum, Minister Wu told Secretary Zhou that this female classmate, Nie Xiaomei, was also from Nanzhou. Secretary Zhou said, are you from Nanzhou again? He nodded and smiled at Wanli, who was sitting in the first row, and said, "You Nanzhou, the female comrades are awesome.". Everyone laughed again. During this period,stainless steel tile trim, Wanli's eyes touched the big secretary several times, but the big secretary always kept his habit: smiling, but it was a kind of polite and polite smile that he did not recognize. jecatrims.com

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