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He Lianyu is wearing this color in the morning, and he wears very good-looking, she privately set iron gray as "his color", if she sees other men wearing, she will dislike it in her heart.

Is the body reorganized like an ancient God as powerful as Tu Si's memory? The fifth volume of wind and clouds Chapter 201 Two Hundred Years Chapter 201 two hundred years. Wang Lin's body suddenly moved, and at the moment when the two Fen Shen offered the magic weapon, he rushed out immediately. He was so fast that he came to the front of the two Fen Shen in an instant. At the same time, he pinched the formula passed down by the ancient gods with both hands and shouted in a low voice: "Broken!" Suddenly, a strange thrust suddenly appeared from the hands of Wang Lin's hands. As soon as the thrust appeared, the magic weapon of the two Fen Shen was blown by a strange wind. The timing of the release was involuntarily paused. Immediately after that, Wang Lin's body, like a meteor mixed with the momentum of ten thousand Jun, rushed to the Fen Shen. The two Fen Shen's faces changed slightly, and then his hands immediately formed the same formula. At this time, Wang Lin has already crashed into the Fen Shen, without the slightest suspense, one of the two Fen Shen, under his collision, suddenly collapsed, turned into gravel powder, dissipated. Wang Lin chose the goal of sacrificing the mysterious scroll. In his opinion, the scroll was rather mysterious, and he did not want to be sacrificed, which would lead to many unnecessary incidents. Another doppelganger is to control the poisonous sword in his hand and stab Wang Lin. At the moment of the flying sword stabbing, Wang Lin's eyes flashed, his body did not stop, his right hand was an imaginary circle in midair, and immediately a shadow ban appeared. The ban flashed black light, which immediately became bigger after it appeared, and stood behind Wang Lin, blocking it in front of the rapidly flying poisonous sword. Immediately after that,Teardrop Pallet Racking, Wang Lin's body rushed out in an instant and hit another Fen Shen. The Fen Shen saw that things were not good and quickly retreated. In this way, Wang Lin and the Fen Shen, one behind the other, launched a chase. However, it is obvious that the Fen Shen can not replicate a series of changes caused by the body reorganization brought about by the inheritance of the ancient gods, whether in speed or in physical strength, it is far from comparable to the original. In this way, after a breath, Fen Shen was hit by Wang Lin,push back racking system, the whole person suddenly collapsed. Wang Lin's speed did not decrease. After verifying his body and extreme divine consciousness, he was already unwilling to waste time here. The whole person turned into running thunder and rushed out in a straight line. For the remaining seventy miles, Wang Lin flew all the way, and the sound of breaking the air came from his side. At the same time, several doppelgangers appeared on the road in front of him, but these doppelgangers were all scattered by Wang Lin's body as soon as they appeared. As for those who were farther away, they could not escape his extreme divine consciousness. In the red lightning, they perished one after another. More than seventy miles away, there is no Fen Shen can stop Wang Lin even a little bit of footsteps, in a few breaths, Wang Lin all the way, rushed out of this chaos! This broken star chaos, perhaps for others, has considerable power, but for Wang Lin, if this place can not copy his extreme divine consciousness, can not copy his body of ancient gods, then this place will inevitably lose its function. In fact, this broken star ring is already composed of huge magical powers, warehousing storage solutions ,drive in racking system, but Wang Lin's extreme divine consciousness is the most unnatural thing in the world, and this magical power can not be copied, so it is not enough. As for the body of the ancient God, if this broken star ring can be copied, then the ancient God will no longer be mysterious. The great supernatural monk who arranged this broken star ring obviously can't be compared with the ancient God at all. In this way, how can it be copied? Wang Lin, who had the divine consciousness of the extreme realm and the body of the ancient gods, felt ups and downs in his heart at the moment when he rushed out of the chaos of broken stars. Before he entered the land of the ancient gods, he was already the first person in the period of making elixirs. Now, he not only got the ban, but also got the body of the ancient God, in addition, the extreme divine consciousness also produced the soul core, so that although Wang Lin did not fight with yuan Ying period, but he is confident, even if it is still not, but if self-protection, it is more than enough. In addition, from the bottom of his heart, Wang Lin is not without the assurance of victory over the yuan Ying period. He believes that if he skillfully uses all kinds of magical powers in the early, middle and late stages of the yuan Ying realm, coupled with the magic weapon in his hands, it should not be very difficult to overcome the early stage. And before, if he met yuan Ying period, even if it is run, can not escape, only a dead end. The power of the yuan Ying period comes from the earth-shaking change of the spiritual power in the body after the formation of the yuan Ying. With a trace of strength, it can perform the whole body repair in the formation period. In addition, the most remarkable magical power in the yuan Ying period is teleportation. With the magical power of teleportation, it established the position of the peak of the yuan Ying period in the third-level Xiuzhen Kingdom. In addition, yuan Ying period monks, its can perform magic, is also very much, far more than Jiedan. Even if the same magic is used in the yuan Ying period, its power is a hundred or a thousand times that of the Jiedan period. It can be said that in the history of the whole realm of cultivation, there are very few periods of making elixirs, which can defeat the monks of yuan Ying. Even if they get the magic weapon against heaven, it doesn't have much effect. At most, they can protect themselves. After all, the use of magic weapons is closely related to cultivation. The period of yuan Ying is a watershed of the whole realm of cultivation. Only when yuan Ying is born, can he truly step into the category of the strong in cultivation. This shows the importance of the yuan Ying period for the monks. At the same time, yuan Ying period of the three realms, the gap is also great, if the number to metaphor, then it can be said that the difference between the period, is ten times! That is to say, the late stage of yuan Ying is equivalent to the middle stage of ten yuan Ying, which is equivalent to the early stage of one hundred yuan Ying. Although this algorithm is too simple, it is true, but there is no magic weapon in it. Wang Lin was just guessing in his heart. In fact, he was not sure whether he could fight with yuan Ying now. After all, no matter what he said, his cultivation was only in the late period of Jiedan. However, his extreme divine consciousness was strengthened in the land of ancient gods, and he obtained a body reorganized like an ancient God, plus many magic weapons in the storage bag, all of which made Wang Lin hesitate in uncertainty. After walking out of the ring of broken stars, Wang Lin's eyes twinkled. He had decided not to do what the madman would choose,mobile racking systems, that is, to find a yuan Ying Friar to test his growth. In Wang Lin's view, this move is undoubtedly extremely foolish.

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