Introduction: that slag [quick wear] (no CP note: all kinds of slag male su su su)

He Lianyu is wearing this color in the morning, and he wears very good-looking, she privately set iron gray as "his color", if she sees other men wearing, she will dislike it in her heart.

Shrinking in the quilt, Yung Si felt that the room was quiet, so she pulled down her quilt and began to dress up slowly. I have to say that early morning is really the easiest time to sleep soundly. I just took a nap for a while, and now I'm very energetic! At the other end, Lu Jiahong, who was running and crying after Rong Pei, finally pulled her arm under a rockery, but before he could say anything, Rong Pei turned around and slapped him in the face, so that his face was deflected. Rong Pei took a step back, earned, but did not break the grip of Lu Jiahong, a moment, grievance, strength is not enough, at a loss and other emotions welled up in my heart, Rong Pei actually cried out directly. This cry, even though Lu Jiahong had all kinds of explanations, he could not say anything, and immediately pulled the crying Rong Pei into his arms with red eyes and hugged him tightly. You let me go, you let me go.. Let go of me. As soon as he was held in his arms by Lu Jiahong, Rong Pei's grievance became even worse, and he struggled and cried even more fiercely. Pepe,heavy duty cantilever racks, Pepe, you believe me, you believe me, okay? Nothing really happened between me and your sister, really, nothing happened between us! Before, Grandma insisted that I live in the same room with her, and even withdrew the soft collapse in the house, and asked the little servant girl to guard the door,cantilever racking system, so I had no choice but to stay in the house. "And then you can't sleep in the same bed with my sister?" Rong Pei asked along. No, no, how could I? So what exactly did I just see? My sister's memory is confused. She doesn't know anything. Don't you know anything? I'm not saying I don't want you to be with her, it's just.. Only How long has it been? I know it's my affectation, but I'm asking too much. But I.. But I.. Said, Rong Pei then cried again, also did not struggle, leaned on Lu Jiahong's body mood all some collapsed. Seeing this, Lu Jiahong kept patting her on the back, "I know, I know, Pepe, I know." It's not pretentious, it's not excessive, and I know that. It's just that I really didn't sleep with your sister. I've been sleeping on that stool all the night before. Really, I didn't lie to you. I don't know how many times I fell off the stool all night. Now my arms, shuttle rack system ,wire mesh decking, back and waist are still black and blue. I can show you. It's also when it's almost dawn. I'm afraid my grandmother will call the little girl to come and see, so I go back to bed to cover up. I just didn't think I didn't sleep well at night, so as soon as I touched the bed, I fell asleep like this. Really, Pepe, I didn't lie to you. If you don't believe me, I can swear to God that if I cheat you a little, it will be thunderstruck immediately. After the words, Lu Jiahong has not finished, Rong Pei immediately came forward to cover Lu Jiahong's mouth, frightened way, "don't curse yourself so.." Seeing this, Lu Jiahong hurriedly pressed Rong Pei's hand and then kissed her heavily on the back of her hand. "Do you believe me?"? In the countryside, I always slept in separate rooms with Rong Si. When I got to Huo's house, I had to be in the same room with her because of Grandma's orders. Do you believe me? You are the only one in my heart from the beginning to the end, you are always the only one, and you will never live in the second person! Lu Jiahong said earnestly, then slowly lowered his head. Looking at the deep feelings in Lujiahong's eyes, Rong Pei's expression also produced a slight confusion, but did not push him away for a while, and when their lips were about to stick together, there was a sudden burst of laughter from the maids behind the rockery, which made Rong Pei's eyes suddenly Pure Brightness, and then suddenly pushed Lujiahong forward in front of him. Caught off guard, Lu Jiahong was directly pushed by the other side hit the rockery rocks, waist eyes suddenly pounded up, the face of the blood instantly faded. "No.." No way Jia Hong can't, we can't do this, we can't. You can't do this.. You are already my sister's husband, we can not do this, can not let my sister sad! Absolutely not! Later We don't want to see each other anymore. We can't see each other anymore. You've forgotten all about the past, and I'll forget all about it. In the future, I will be the young marshal's wife of the Huo family, and you will also be your young master of the Lu family! With these words, Rong Pei did not even look at Lu Jiahong again, turned around and ran out. Pei.. Lu Jiahong's waist was hurting badly at this time, and he had no strength to chase again, so he could only watch Rong Pei run away from his sight. Rong Pei and Lu Jiahong did not know that they were confused and determined. She had just finished washing and had something to eat to pad her stomach. She looked at the boy of the Huo family standing respectfully in front of her and raised her eyebrows in surprise. Huo Shaoshuai has something to ask me to go there? What is it? Are you in a hurry? Although the face asked urgently, but Rong Si's heart was full of disapproval. I knew that man wouldn't give up easily! "It's about Madame." The boy continued to reply respectfully. Madam? Elder sister? Ok, can you wait for me for a while? I'll pack up and go with you, OK? So saying, Yung Si went into her room, but only changed her clothes. She looked at her neck in the mirror and noticed a little red on her white neck. The corners of her mouth rose slightly. The mosquitoes in the Huo family are really poisonous! After thinking about it, she followed the boy to Huo Zhiyao's study. By the time Lu Jiahong struggled back to the room with a pale face, Rong Si had already disappeared. As soon as he followed the boy to stand outside Huo Zhiyao's study, he saw the boy push the door open and ask, and then Huo Zhiyao called her in. Hearing this, Rong Si frowned slightly, perhaps hesitating, but turned to think that she was afraid that she had missed her sister's story, so she could only smile at the boy and step into the study where she did not know how many times she had gone. Huo Zhiyao's study is very large,warehouse pallet racks, not only has many furnishings, but also has several shelves of books, deep and dark.

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